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Where did the Spanish come from?

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Spanish word for to come?

The Spanish verb for 'to come' is 'venir'.

Why did the Spanish come to Trinidad?

The Spanish come to Trinidad to find Gold.

How do you say come inside in Spanish?

come inside = ¡Pase por favor!

Are Spanish from Spain or Mexico?

Spanish people come from Spain; Mexicans come from Mexico.

How do you say come and see in spanish?

come and see in spanish is "Venga y vea"

What does come mean in spanish?

come = venir

Can you come on in spanish?

¿Puedes venir? = Can you come

How do say come into in spanish?

come to is venir, and Come is Ven

Are spanish and Europeans the same?

No. Spanish people come from spain, and europeans come from europe. So all spanish people are europeans, yet all europeans aren't spanish.

Does spanish food come from Africa?

Spanish food does not come from Africa. Spanish food is from Spain, which is a European country. That said, many other cultures have influenced Spanish food.

Did Italian language come from spanish language?

Italian didn't come from Spanish, both came from Latin.

How do you say come in Spanish?

to come = Venir to come ( to ejaculate ) correrse

How do you say when did you come in spanish?

when did you come in = cuando entraste

Why Spanish come to Oregon?

that is why *

Why does many Spanish words come from Latin?

the vast majority of Spanish words come from Latin, which is why Spanish is called a Romance language - it comes from the language of the Romans.

Where does Spanish come from?

Spanish is derived from or "originates from" the Latin language Answer 2: Spanish comes from Spain

Did the English language come before Spanish?

No Spanish is far older.

How do you say in spanish you well come?

your welcome in spanish is DE NADA

What does caile mean in spanish?

Caile is Spanish slang and means come her

Does spanish food come from many backgrounds?

Mostly from Spanish backgrounds.

Come and eat in spanish?

to come is "venir" and to eat is "comer"

Where do madrilenos come from?

They are Spanish. They come from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

When did the spanish armada come to England?

The Spanish Armada attacked England in 1588. The Spanish were thoroughly defeated.

Are nachos Spanish?

yes. spanish for nachos! yes nachos are from the spanish culter they come in different ways

Do la liga games come on sky?

No they do not come on sky , they come on the Spanish channel.

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