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Q: Where did the basis of Japanese written system came from?
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What was the education system during Japanese Regime in the Philippines?

The Philippine educational system came to a complete standstill upon the evasion of the Japanese army. During the occupation educational institutions remained closed.

How are Japanese and Chinese writing related?

Much of the Japanese written language is based on kanji. The Kanji came from China. The Japanese then added Katakana and Hirakana to provide additional ways of writing.

What was the basis of the Supreme Court finding the internment of Japanese prisoners constitutional?

It being a time of war, security of the nation came first. Although hasty on the part of the US, Japanese residents were rounded up and placed in internment camps.

Why did the japan import the Chinese number system?

Because when the Chinese came, they didn't have a written language of their own.

How do you write the word reading in Japanese?

Traditional Japanese books (tategaki) are read from top to bottom in columns, and right-to-left, so these books are read from "back cover to front" compared to English books.Modern Japanese books called yokogaki are printed in the English format.The original Japanese writing system (kanji) came from Chinese, and consists of pictograms that represent sounds. There are several thousand of these. But most modern Japanese is written using the scripts called kana (hiragana or cursive, and katakana, or angular).

What are the reasons why the Japanese came to America?

The people from Japan came for better life?

What continent did Japanese immigrents come from?

Japanese immigrants came from Japan, which is on the Asian continent.

The basis for the alphabet developed by the Greeks came from?

C. Egypt.

Where was the Japanese internment camps located?

The Japanese were sent to Yellow "Perlin" and that came the camp in the U.S.

What hermit kingdom came under japanese rule in 1905?

Korea was occupied by the Japanese in 1905 at the end of the Russo-Japanese War.

When did Japanese came to US?

During the 1840'S and after

How many Japanese American came out the camps?