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Linux is the name of an operating system. It was named based on the name of Linus Torvalds, who created it, and to sound like Unix, since it is a flavor of Unix.

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2008-02-14 11:39:55
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Q: Where did the name Linux come from?
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What is the name of the Linux mascot?

The name of the penguin that serves as Linux's mascot is "Tux."

What is the name of the kernel used in Linux?

Linux is the kernel.

What is the name of operating system in Unix and Linux?

"Unix" and "Linux."

Where you can get Linux?

Linux is an operating system for the computer. You can purchase computers that already have Linux pre-installed on the computer. Select Dell computers come equipped with Linux.

What is the abbreviation for Linux?

There is no abbreviation for Linux. The Linux name comes from Linus Torvalds(Linux Creator) and UNIX Linux is a Free UNIX like system so it is hence called LINUX.

What is the first part of Linux to be developed under the name Linux?

The kernel.

What is the name for joined windows and Linux operating systems?

There are no "joined" Linux and Windows operating systems, so there is no name for them.

Was Red Hat Enterprise Linux the slang name for Linux?

No. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is simply a commercial Linux distribution primarily used for servers. It was never a nickname for Linux itself.

What is abbreviation for Linux?

There are no abbreviations for Linux. Linux is an open-source kernel used by many varieties (distros) of Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, to name two!

What is the name of the text editor used in Linux?

There is no the text editor in Linux. There are dozens of possible text editors available for Linux, such as:edviVimEmacsJOENanoJEDKateGeditMousepadLeafpadjEditXeditGeanyNEditJuffEdJOVE

What version of Linux comes with a Dell Dimension 4550?

The Dell Dimension 4550 did not come with any version of Linux.

How secure is the Linux operating system?

Linux is the kernel, from which many distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, to name but two) radiate. Compared to Windows, Linux distros are considered to be more secure.

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