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Where did the religion Shinto start?


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in Japan the shinto religion had started


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shintoism, the Japanese religion started primarily in ancient japan.

No, the Shinto religion is from Japan.

the Shinto religion was invented by the people of Japan

Shinto was founded in and is the indigenous religion of Japan.

Shinto is an ancient Japanese religion.

The religion Shinto comes from Japan! It is thought to be old as Japan itself! There are no founders of Shinto! They believe in something called Kami!

Shinto people can worship at home or in shrines. Shintoism is a Japanese religion.

According to the patheos website, Shinto started at around 500 BCE. Please see related link below for source.

Shinto: a major religion (besides Buddhism) that is practiced in Japan.

Shinto is the religion practised in Japan

Shinto is an indigenous religion of Japan, and Buddhism and Shinto are very alike.

Shinto means 'Way of the Gods'. It is the traditional and ancient religion of Japan, without a founder

Shinto, a nature religion.

Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan.

Shintoism (Shinto) is a religion.

Shinto.There are Christians and followers of Shinto Buddhism in Japan.

Shinto is not credited to any particular founder.

There are about 17.822 million people who practice the Shinto religion. Most of them reside in Japan, or come from Japanese background. Asia has the largest population of the Shinto religion. The religion was founded about 2,500 years go. Approximately 0.2% of the world is Shinto.

It is considered a religion, yes.

Shinto was a religion that the Japanese believed in before Buddhism.

ShintoShinto and Buddhism are the 2 major religions of japan

There is no official record of a founder or a scripture for the Shinto belief system.

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