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It didn't actually crash, but was pulled apart by lack of aerodynamic stability above Texas. The debris path was over Texas and Louisiana.

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Q: Where did the space shuttle Columbia crash?
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When did the space shuttle Columbia crash?

febuary first 2003

What was The Columbia Space shuttle's purpose?

The purpose of the Columbia space shuttle was to go into space

The first space shuttle?

space shuttle Columbia

Did all space shuttles dock at the International Space Station?

No, the Space Shuttle Columbia was not able to dock with the ISS. This shuttle was used to do other NASA missions until its untimely crash.

Space shuttles names?

Space Shuttle Enterprise, Space Shuttle Columbia, Space Shuttle Challenger, Space Shuttle Discovery, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Space Shuttle Endeavour.

What US space shuttle first entered space?

Space Shuttle Columbia

How many missions did Space Shuttle Columbia fly?

Space Shuttle Columbia flew 28 missions.

Which space shuttle exploded in 2003?

The Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the first shuttle to fly into space in 1981.

What was the name of the first Space Shuttle that was launched?

Space Shuttle Columbia

When did Space Shuttle Columbia disaster happen?

Space Shuttle Columbia disaster happened on 2003-02-01.

When did the space shuttle first launch into space?

April 1981 , space shuttle Columbia

What is the name the space shuttle in which kalpana chawla went into space?

Space Shuttle Columbia

What is the name of space shuttle in which KalpanaChawla lost her life?

Space Shuttle Columbia .

When was the Columbia space shuttle destroyed?

The Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry on February 1, 2003.

What was the first space shuttle flown into space?

the short answer is the space shuttle Columbia on STS-1

When did the space shuttle Endeavour crash?

Space shuttle Endeavour has not crashed. The shuttles Challenger and Columbia disintegrated in January 1986 and February 2003 respectively.

What was the first space shuttle name?

Technically, the first space shuttle was Enterprise. It was the test space shuttle. The first space-worthy space shuttle was Columbia.

What was the 1st name of the space shuttle?

Of the first Space Shuttle; Enterprise. Of the first space worthy Space Shuttle; Columbia.

What is the name of the american space shuttle that goes into orbit?

There were 5. Space Shuttle Columbia (destroyed in 2003), Space Shuttle Challenger (destroyed in 1886), Space Shuttle Discovery, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Where is space shuttle Columbia buried?

Space Shuttle Columbia is not buried. I think you mean Space Shuttle Challenger, which in buried in two minutemen missile silos on the abandoned Launch complex 31. Space Shuttle Columbia remains are stored on the 16th floor of the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center.

What was the First winged space shuttle to launch into space and return?

The Columbia The Columbia

Which space shuttle failed?

Space Shuttle Challenger failed during launch. Space Shuttle Columbia failed during reentry.

When did the first space shuttle go into space?

On April 12, 1981 the space shuttle Columbia was the first shuttle to orbit the Earth.

How much does the Columbia space shuttle weigh?

the space shuttle weighed as much as roman

What was the first space shuttle to launch in space?

The first Space shuttle to launch was Columbia in April of 1981