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Where did the term 'up the stump' come from?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-12 04:28:20

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This is a British term meaning pregnant; I cannot find an origin for the term.

2009-10-12 04:28:20
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What does stump up mean?

It can mean to pay up. "I couldn't stump up the entrance fee."

How do you get rid of a tree stump?

There are numerous ways to remove a tree stump. 1..Dig it up 2..Use a stump grinder 3..use a chemical called stump rot 4..Drill several large holes in the stump and Soak stump repeatedly in kerosene and burn it.. 5..Pull the stump by using a chain and a tractor/truck 6..Drill and place explosives in the stump and blow it up..

What are the release dates for Up a Stump - 1917?

Up a Stump - 1917 was released on: USA: 14 February 1917

What is in stump remover?

A stump remover can be made up of a chain and a truck. There are stump remover machines that will go into the ground, while cutting roots, grab the tree and remove it.

can I remove a pesky and ugly stump near my front lawn?

There are stump removers to solve your problem. On and websites if you search the term "stump remover" you can find good stuffs. Of course stump remover is not enough by itself, you may need a saw to finish the whole job.

What is a stump in geography?

When the waves have broken up part of a cliff and a small piece is still standing. That piece is a stump.

How did you come up with the term googleplex?

A mathmatition's nephew came up with the term "Google" for googleplex

What does Tom Sawyer's slang word gay and up a stump mean?

Gay means very happy and up a stump means at a loss, embaressed, or perplexed.

Does Patrick Stump have bladder worms?

NO HE DOES NOT YOU FREAK. Thank you come again!

What is a stump?

A stump is the remains of something which has been cut off, particularly a tree. It is also a term for one fo the wooden posts which make the wickets in a game of cricket.

Would salt and water kill a tree stump?

No it would not, your best bet would be to have a stump removal specialist come and do it for you. If you know about fungi then use oyster mushrooms to decompose the stump, this way is slow and takes about a year but you get fresh oyster mushrooms to eat every rain. You can burn the stump depending on where you live and how old the stump is. If its fresh it will not burn good, but if its old it'll burn up nicely and *presto* no more stump. I use the mushroom method on stumps around my place and it works great, its taken about a year and the stump is wood chips now, I have probably ate around 3 pounds of oysters :)

Why did Patrick stump and elisa break up?


What does up a stump mean from Tom Sawyer?


What is definition of up a stump?

# The roots and base of a felled tree # The remaining piece after a majority of the item has been removed # A tortillon used for drawing # The sound of someone walking loudly # to baffle # to campaign # slang for leg The term up a stump means at a loss, embarrassed or perplexed. See the related link for more information.

How come you never see Patrick Stump shirtless?

because his nipples are tinypepperonis

Where do you get firewood in maple story?

perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump. perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump.

Where does the carbon in coal come from?

From prehistoric plants that died and turned to coal. Sometimes in underground coal mines we find a tree stump that is coal, but can still be recognized as a tree stump.

What does baffle mean?

To baffle means to confuse or stump somebody, or an obsolete term for to disgrace or to deceive someone.

Is Patrick stump still with his girlfriend Lisa?

No. He broke up with her in 2008.

What is the slang phrase up a stump mean?

It means at a loss or perplexed.

What is the definition of black stump?

A Stump that is black

Is the cricket pitch measured from stump to stump or crease to crease?

The measurement of a cricket pitch from stump to stump is 22 yards or as we know it as 20.12 metres.

How do you decorate after a stump removal?

A big stump in the middle of your yard probably does not look attractive, but there are several options to consider. They sell a stump remover that you sprinkle on the stump and after it has worked you can either remove the stump yourself or burn it out. Another option is to make a table out of the stump. I have also seen a chain saw expert make an animal out of a stump.

How do you remove a tree stump?

you grab a shovel and dig it out Call a stump removing company. Get stump remover.

What term did Dr John Rock come up with?

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