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This civilization emerged as a strong city-state between 250 BC and 99 BC

About when were the plow wheel and bronze writing created

In England during the seventeenth century the first real push to develop new technology was in this field

In which century did the economy of Europe sink into a deep depression

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Q: Where did the term ape come from?
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Is the word ape a term given to gorillas?

yes it actually is its because it's apart of the ape family and its really close to a ape

What is the Latin term for before ape?


What is term means ape human and monkey?


What are some characteristics of bieng multicellular?

An ape is any member of the Hominoidea superfamilyof primates. Due to its ambiguous nature, the term ape is less suitable as a means of describingtaxonomic relationships.

What is an ape leader?

An ape leader is an obsolete slang term for an old maid, based on the belief that those women who remained spinsters until death were simply neglecting to multiply.

Where did bigfoot come from?

In the 1800s there was an ape who dropped a cinderblock on his foot and it got swollen.

What is the term for any primate that walks on feet?

A bipedal primate is referred to as a great ape, or a hominid.

What is the term for primate that walks on two feet?

A bipedal primate is referred to as a great ape, or a hominid.

What is an ape with no tail?

An ape without a tail ape. No species of ape have tails.

What is ape in spanish?

Ape (the animal) is simio or mono. Ape as a description of a big uncouth person, is bruto or bruta. Ape, used affectionately (or not) in "You big ape!, is "Pedazo de bruto!" or "Animal!" Ape, the verb, as in "to ape his manerisms" is imitar. Ape, as in "to go ape" (ie crazy) is "ponerse como loco"

How do you get to zeman the ape king in Yugioh 5ds reverse of arcadia?

after you defeat greiger leave the area and then come back to where greiger was, there will be a box just north and you will find zeman the ape king

What will be a good for this pun a brr-ape?

What did the Ape put in the cup? brr-ape will be a good for this pun a brr-ape.