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From the Latin 'paedagogus,' meaning 'tutor.'

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Q: Where did the word pedagogue COME FROM?
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What rhymes with pedagogue?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word pedagogue.

What is the etymology of the word pedagogue?

Pedagogue is an old french word that means teacher of children or leader of children. Because of this root the word pedagogue means learning in the arts and sciences.

Which one of the following words has a negative connotation A Pedagogue B Inoculate C Ophthalmological D Taxidermy?

The word with a negative connotation is A Pedagogue.

How do you use the word pedagogue in a sentence?

"In ancient Greece, a pedagogue usually taught philosophy as well as science." "While his tutor was on vacation, the boy was taught by a replacement teacher, an elderly, boring pedagogue who mumbled incoherently in Latin."

How do use pedagogue in a sentence?

Avoid him; he's a pedagogue.

Is the pedagogue a large building surrounded by pedestals?

Is a pedagogue a large building surrounded by pedestals? No, a pedagogue is a teacher, a leader (agog) of children (ped)

What actors and actresses appeared in Pedagogue - 1988?

The cast of Pedagogue - 1988 includes: Neil Bartlett

How do you use pedagogue in a sentence?

In celebration of Halloween, the pedagogue decorated her classroom with scarecrows, bats, and pumpkins.

What are words with the greek root agog in them?

Agog- is not a Greek word. Maybe you are omitting a letter?

What is the latin root for pedagogue?

"Pedo" is a root meaning child, or children. A pedagogue is a leader of children, like a teacher.

What is a name for a stuffy scholar?


What do you call stuffy scholar?