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The word comes from French - gants de suede, which means Swedish gloves

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Q: Where did the word suede come from?
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How many syllables does the word suede have?

The word "suede" has one syllable.

What is the homophone for the word swayed?

The homophone for the word "swayed" is "suede."

What is the homophone of the word suede?

The homophone for suede is swayed.Here is an example sentence:The tree branches swayed in the wind.

What is a sentence with the word suede in it?

My suede boots are very stylish this season. Although suede is a very boring color, it goes with most everything. (AKA suede is a color) Hope that helps

What is the homonym for the word swayed?

The homonym for "swayed" is "suede." "Suede" refers to a type of leather with a smooth surface, often used in clothing and accessories.

What r some good sentences for the word suede?

Example sentence - My suede jacket has water marks from the rain drops.

Where can one find suede jackets for cheap?

One can find suede jackets for cheap online on websites, such as Nextag, Shop Style and Amazon. Suede jackets come in different designs, colors and sizes.

Which animal does suede come from?

Suede is a way of processing leather and is generally made from lamb, but can also be made from pig, calf, deer, etc.

What song titles contain the word art?

art by suede

What word will comes out when you scrambled the word PERSUADE?

With those letters you can also spell suede and par (or rap).

Can you call fake suede suede?


What is Immy suede?

Imitation Suede