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In the ocean

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Q: Where did they put Osama bin Laden after they killed him?
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Who put Osama bin Laden in power?


Why isn't Osama bin Laden brought to trial if he is such a big suspect?

Osama bin Laden isn't brought to trial because the countries that want to put him on trial can't find him. Osama bin Laden has been hiding out since 2001.

What year did Osama bin-laden get killed?

No he did not die in 2007 he died in 2011 by a special U.S force he was shot twice and they put his body in the ocean.

Why were the twin towers targeted by osama bin laden?

To put fear and hatred into Americans.

Will Osama Bin Laden die in modern warfare 3?

He is already dead and I don't think they would put him in the game.

Who killed laden?

no one knows yet because if his name (the person who killed him) gets around, then Osama Bin Ladens followers would want him dead and would put him and his family in harm. it would also affect where he lives.

What should be done with Osama bin Laden if he is found?

He should be arrested and put on trail for all his crimes. But that's just what I believe! :)

What would happen if Osama bin Laden turned himself in?

He would have been killed. He is currently resting in peace at the bottom of the ocean as US troops put his body there after performing all of the proper right of death/burial by his religion

Are there pictures of Osama bin Laden dead?

NO. There has been no evidence that Osama Bin Laden dead. The U.S. government has put out no pictures of Osama Bin Laden. They allegedly did a D.N.A. test and that it came back postive. They also allegedly said they dumped his body in the ocean. There is no evidence in no way that he is dead.

How are Muslim countries reacting to the death of Osama bin Laden?

Though we are not celebrating like American people and running around with the American flag, we are happy to hear that this man has been put to death and the world of terrorism is decreasing day by day. Pakistan should feel ashamed to let Osama Bin Laden live in their country.

What is your reaction on Osama bin Laden's death?

Although most people are celebrating, you should not be happy that someone died, I think that he should've been put in prison for life, if that was possible, but if he had a weapon, then it is okay that they killed him if they altleast tried to get him alive. That's what I think...

Is Obama bin Laden real?

There is no one prominent in the world or in politics that is named Obama bin Laden, although someone with that name may exist since the names are all common Middle Eastern names. This name has come up only because those who are President Obama's detractors have used it to malign the President and try to link him to the terrorist Osama bin Laden in some way other than giving him credit for killing the FBI's most wanted mastermind of the 911 attacks on New York. It was under President Barack Obama's command that Osama bin Laden was captured and killed while hiding in Pakistan. This whole farce about names has been exposed and hopefully put to rest now.