Where did zombies originate?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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As far back as the days of ancient Egypt, when they were called "mummies".

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Q: Where did zombies originate?
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Where id zombies originate?

Stories of zombies first originated in the voodoo religion popular in the Carribean.

What country originate came the zombies?

Voodoo, perhaps Haiti or West Africa.

Where are the band The Hooters from?

The band The Hooters are American, and originate from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Some of the band's most famous songs include 'All You Zombies' and 'And We Danced'.

Where there zombies?

There are no zombies. Zombies are fiction.

What are boss zombies?

they are the leaders of zombies and strong zombies

Why do you have to fight the zombies in Plants vs Zombies?

Because zombies are bad

Who was the founder of the group the zombies?

No one actually thought of it, it was first just a religious belief that started in Haiti called Voodoo and it was thought with it you could put a spell on the dead to resurrect their corpse or turn people into mindless drones, that may be where people derived the idea for zombies.

Will there be zombies in cod black ops II?

Yes there will be zombies and zombies campain

When will the Zombies atack?

Zombies Is Not Real

Are there zombies in Russia?

No, there are no zombies in Russia.

Are there zombies in Death Valley?

No, there are no zombies.

How do zombies evolve?

As people evolve, Zombies do to. Zombies are just people That are back from the dead.