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where do the jordans come from? where do the jordans come from?

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the latin country lololol

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Q: Where do Jordan shoe material come from?
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When did the Jordan 12 first appear?

Jordan 12 first appeared in 1996 but never come to the shelves at first, Then finally in 1997 the jordan 12 eventually hit the shelves, Jordan 12 also was the most durable shoe out. The Air Jordan 12 was the first Jordan shoe to be part of the Jordan Brand collection.

First Jordan shoe was called what?

Air Jordan. Or Jordan I

What is the lightest Jordan shoe?

The lightest Jordan shoe is the Air Jordan 34, known for its innovative design using lightweight materials to reduce weight without sacrificing performance. Its streamlined construction and use of high-tech materials make it one of the lightest Jordan shoes in the lineup.

What size shoe does Michael Jordan wear?

Answer Michael Jordan wears a size 13 shoe.

How can you tell if Jordan are fake?

The overall quality is bad. The material does not feel highquality. The shoe is extremely light (barely any material used), The Jordan logo is backwards. Carbon Fiber is painted on. Shoe rips easily (at the seams). Box is in bad condition. In the inside size tag of more recent jordans, the serial number should start with "UPC", if it starts with "PAT", the shoe is most likely fake.

Is jordan bct mid shoe basketball shoes?

not really and the strap is very weak after a while it will come off frequently

What is a Michael Jordan air?

a Michael Jordan Air is a Basketball Shoe

What is the popular shoe company?


Who invented a shoe?

Your mother jordan

Do Jordan's shoe's suck?


When was the Jordan shoe founded?


What type of shoes are these?

simple answer , if the shoe smell its vinyl shoe which its cheap material, if the shoe come from leather means the leather protect the skin of your feet, buy leather shoes its good for you foots.