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Muslims visit Mecca and Medina during hajj.

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Q: Where do Muslims visit on the Hajj?
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What Mountain do Muslims visit during Hajj?

On the first day of Hajj, Muslims gather in the valley of Arafat.

When Muslims carry out the Hajj what city do they visit and why?


Why do Muslims visit the hajj?

see the related question ,please.

Why a Hindu cannot visit to haj?

Hajj is obligatory on the Muslims, not the Hindus.

What cities do Muslims visit during the hajj?

They must visit Mecca where Hajj is performed. They also visit Madina Munawara to pay homage to beloved Prophet (SAW).

What other important sites do Muslims visit during He hajj?

Apart from performing Hajj at Mecca, the Muslim Hajis are supposed to visit Madina Munawara.

What do non Muslims do in hajj?

Non Muslims don't go on Hajj.

Is hajj a pilgrimage?

yes, Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca to visit the ka'aba

What do Muslims do at hajj?

At hajj Muslims pray to Allah and take a journey, This is Pilgrimage :)

What is the Muslim hajj?

Hajj four facts Where does Muslims do Hajj? Muslims pray in the Kaaba. Why does Muslims do Hajj? Once, Mohamed sad to Muslims, that third best think after belief to Allah is excellent Hajj. What are they doing when they get there? They are praying & praise Allah-it is calling Tawaf

At what point do Muslims visit cave hira during hajj?

You can go anytime, its not a set event or compulsory :)

What value does Hajj provide?

how do muslims dress for the hajj

How many people visit the hajj a day?

All the Muslims gone to Makka Mukarma to perform Hajj perform the same ritual together, not in turns or groupwise.

How do Muslims dress for hajj?

When muslims dress for the Hajj, they wear white clothing for 5 days.

Who do hajj?

The Muslims perform Hajj. It is obligatory on them once in lifetime.

Is hajj a place?

No. Hajj is the name of a pilgrimage by Muslims to Mecca.

What is the importance of hajj to Muslims?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory once in lifetime on all Muslims.

How do Muslims feel about Hajj?

Hajj is the Fifth Pillar of Islam; therefore, Muslims feel strongly towards it.

What is mecca-where located?

Mecca (Makka) is the most sacred city of the Muslims. The Muslims visit Makka Mukarma to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is located in Saudi Arabia.

Where do Muslims go to when they go to hajj?

They Muslims to go the city of Mecca to perform Hajj. But they must go to Mina and Arafat to complete the rituals of Hajj.

When do Muslims go to hajj?

in the month of hajj usually around will see millions of Muslims go for hajj every day!!! i went to hajj a few years ago...=D

What country do Muslims go to for Hajj?

Muslims perform Hajj in the Holy city Makkah and Madina in Saudi Arabia.

How many times must Muslims complete the hajj?

Muslims must complete hajj at least once in life.

What countries did muslims come from to perform hajj?

The Muslims from all over the world come to Mecca to perform Hajj.

Why hajj is special for Muslims?

Hajj is important to Muslims because it is our god's home and we pray there. Also we do religious things that we have to do.