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Where do avalanches happen most often?


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Where Avalanches Happen Most OftenTry checking out some of these links. Lots of info about avalanches!
  • The Avalanche Zone
  • CyberSpace Avalanche Center (CSAC
  • Avalanche Awareness: Information About Avalanches and Avalanche Safety
  • Colorado Avalanche Information Center
  • La Sal Avalanche Forecast Center
  • The Patrol Pages
  • Schottischer Lawinenwarndienst - About avalanches (Englisch)
  • IGS - International Glaciological Society
  • UIAA - World Mountaineering and climbing federation

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  • The mountains!
  • Mountains!
  • Avalanches happen on a angle much like a mountain.

Avalanches happen wherever there is snow laying on a sufficient enough angle.

It doesn't matter just don't cause one otherwise you could die, so if you here or see one run for your life

Avalanches usually occur in areas where the degree of the slope is more than 30 degrees. There are also other factors. One key factor is warm days paired with cool nights. This causes snow to melt and then refreeze, creating many different layers. This creates a zone in which avalanches are highly likely, and only need something to set them off, or a "trigger". This will cause the top layer or so to shear off, and bam! avalanche. It is highly unlikely that an avalanche will occur within a ski area, as the slopes are usually way less than 30 degrees, as well as bombing performed on areas where avalanche danger is high. Bombing is exactly what it sounds like: a cannon shoots small bombs towards a slope in order to act as a trigger. But avalanches most likely happen in moutaineous areas


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Avalanches are most likely to occur in the alpine regions of France, Switzerland and Austria. However avalanches can occur on any steep slope, considering the factors. Within the U.S, Alaska, Colorado and Utah are the states that avalanches occur most often.

Avalanches happen all over the world.

Avalanches are most common in colorado

in one year in north America over 100,000 avalanches happen each year

20 or 30 times a year 20,000 each year (this is right ha ha)

The avalanche danger increases with major snowstorms and periods of thaw. More than 80 percent of these occur during or just after large snowstorms. The most avalanche-prone months are, in order, February, March, and January. Avalanches caused by thaw occur most often in April.

AnswerAvalanches happen becaause of movement and loud noises. It happens when there is a fresh snowfalll.

Most AVALANCHES happen during late winter or early spring but, There are AVALANCHES in the winter especially right after a storm like for example, if there is a storm and it climbs over a cliff and someone walks on it an AVALANCHE will occurYour welcome for the anwser :)

well the most obvious answer is avalanches, and because of global warming its bound to happen!

Beleive it on not, not only do they happen, they happen every 48 hours! source is Discovery channel documentary.. Everest beyond the limit season 3 episode 1

There are many avalanches every year

how about on the mountains

Nobody can predict when avalanches happen.

Avalanches often happen when loose packed snow becomes too heavy for snow lower down a slope to support it. When the snow becomes too heavy, it creates an avalanche.

Avalanches occur on all steep mountain sides or hill sides because gravity pulls snow down.

When there's snow at a right angle a avalanche can occur

Most often, people trapped in avalanches are killed by suffocation. If not, it is by either blunt force or hypothermia.

Kinda. We know what conditions they need and can say when they are likely to happen but we cannot say that it definitely will or will not happen.

it can happen when there is very Strong wind that's what Ive been told

.most often happen in Manitoba and Alberta

you preidict avalanches because they are avalanches

This is impossible to answer. Many avalanches on Mount Everest happen outside of the climbing season so no one can record it.

Impossible to say. Only the big near miss avalanches get seen on the news etc. Avalanches big or small happen all the time, some are seen and others go un-noticed.

we combine our power to make a spirt bomb then the big bang attack

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