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Honeybees don't hibernate but remain in their hive when it is too cold to fly. Workers that are alive in the fall stay alive throughout the winter. They surround their queen forming a "bee ball" made up of constantly moving bees. This movement creates warmth that keeps the hive from freezing. For another example, the bald faced hornet queen will go underground and hibernate, usually under a log, while all her workers die off after the first hard frost.

Wasps for the most part die during the winter. Enough of them will hide somewhere and survive to breed next spring to keep the species going. Some hide underground, in trees, and in homes.

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Q: Where do bees and wasps go in the winter?
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What attracts bees and wasps?

Stuff that attracts bees and wasps

Are wasps and bees related?

No they are not. Bees and Wasps are two separate species.

Are wasps faster than bees?

Wasps ARE faster than bees.

Why are wasps predators to bees?

because wasps steal the bees honey

How do you repel bees and wasps from an area?

natural repellent for bees and wasps

How are bees different from wasps?

bees are smaller than wasps and wasps are faster andhurt more when they sting

Bees and wasps when do they go underground?

Wasps, bumble bees and feral bees will often build their nests underground, sometimes utilising small holes that have been abandoned by small rodents

Do bees look like wasps?

Bees and wasps do have a similar appearance. Bees are rounder, wasps are leaner. Wasps are covered in a smooth almost shiny exoskeleton. Bees on the other hand are covered in a layer of fuzz, this has to do with the feeding mechanism as wasps are predominantly carnivorous while bees feed on nectar.

Are wasps worse than bees?

wasps are worst then bees wasps hurt way more den a bee sting.

What animal eats bees and wasps?

Spiders are examples of animals that eat bees and wasps.

What lives with bees?

WASPS AND OTHER bees and queen bees

How can you tell what kind of bees and wasps that you have?

You can tell what kinds of bees and wasps you have by calling your local pest control. You could also pull up pictures on the internet and compare your bees and wasps to them.

Why wasps and bees are brightly coloured?

The bees and wasps are enimes so they are brigthly becausethey can hide from their enimes

What is the difference between wasps and bees?

Wasps are more dangerous. Wasps are long and thin while bees are small and normal sized. Wasps don't die when they sting, bees do. In addition: Although both species drink nectar from flowers, wasps could be said to be carnivorous, while bees are not. Bees feed their young with pollen collected from flowers while wasps feed their young on insect or spider prey.

Are wasps more aggressive than bees?

yes! wasps are more aggressive than bees because bees don't actually want to sting you. bees sting as a last line of defence where as wasps will just sting if they are slightly aggravated

How do you tell bees and wasp apart?

Bees and wasps are similar in most ways but different in others. Bees have a rounder body with hairy legs. Wasps are more slender and have few hairs on their legs. bees feed on nectar and pollen while wasps are predators. Both wasps and bees can sting more than once with the exception of honeybees.

Why do wasps have antennas?

yes both bees and wasps have antennas

How do wasps help us?

As with bees wasps pollinate plants

Will baby blue or turquoise attract bees or wasps?

no. the color black will atract bees because they go for dark places!

What class do bees go under in the animal kingdom?

Hymenoptera (ants bees and wasps), suborder Apocrita, Superfamily Apoidea

Why do wasps attack bee hives?

Primarily, wasps are attracted to the honey inside the hive. However wasps will also go for lone or weak bees for food. Wasps may also go directly after the brood (bee larvae) in a bee hive.

Do wasps nest underground?

No, wasps don't usually nest underground, but some bumble bees do and some solitary bees do.

What are the diff between a wasp and a bee with there coat?

Bees are furry, wasps aren't. Bees are mostly stocky, wasps are mostly more slender. Bees are vegetarians all their lives, wasps are carnivores in some points in their lives.

Are wasps a mammal or not?

Wasps are not mammals they are insects like bees and flies.

What species are bees related to bees?

flies wasps midges are all related to bees