Where do guinea pigs come from?

Di-spite their name Ginea pigs are not from giunea they originated in the Andes they are also not pigs they are a type of rodent .
Despite the name "Guinea Pig", the guinea pig is not actually from Guinea or New Guinea. The guinea pig originated in the Andes. Studies show that they are domesticated animals, most likely descendants of Cavia tschudii.
Guinea Pigs were first discovered in the Andes, but didn't necassarily only live there-some Guinea Pigs lived in Southern America.
guinea pigs come from South America and some still live in the wild, in the South American mountains.
Takes shelter in brush and piles of rocks. Habitat varied, consisting of savanna in both subtropical and tropical regions, grasslands, and edges of forests. Have a preference for grassy habitat.
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Guinea pigs originate from the southern american Andes region, however, today's domestic breeds have been domestically bread for a very long time, and only have a very distant relationship with southern american guinea pigs found in the wild.