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Where do horses want to be scratched the most?


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March 30, 2009 8:13PM

* A horse that loves you would absolutely love a scratch. * A horse loves a scratch on the nose or on the shoulder. * When I had a horse as a teenager, she loved a good scratch around the ears. My step-father's horse, however, loved to be scratched under the chin. * horses also love to be scratched aroud the rump if they are happy being scratched there they will lean over toward you * Horses naturally interact as friends by scratching each other on the shoulder/whithers, so it tells your horse that you are friends. * It's also good to scratch around where you put on the bridle because that will sort of get your horse used to wearing it * very true answers but me and my mum have many horses and our most recent loves to be scratched by the hind leg- where the skin changes direction * My horse absoloutly LOVES to be scratched behind the ears, under her mane, and under her chin. ( Becareful some horses my not like the chin and can bite.) * Well it depends on the horse. For instance One of the horses at my barn loves to be scratched on his neck but another horse there tries to bite me if i scratch his neck.