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Jaguars live in a variety of habitats from extreme southwestern United States all the way south into northern Argentina. They are most common in the Amazon rainforest.

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in the rainforest

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Q: Where do jaguars mostly live?
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At what age would jaguars mostly die?

Jaguars, even in captivity, rarely live beyond 20 years.

In what place do jaguars live?

Jaguars live in savannas in the jungle.

Do jaguars live in the jungle?

Yes jaguars live in the jungle.

What rainforest jaguars live in?

jaguars live in the amazon rain forest

Do jaguars live in Australia?

No, jaguars are strictly animals of the Americas. They do not live in Australia.

How long do Africa jaguars live?

Africa jaguars live for about 20 years

Do jaguars eat koala?

No. Jaguars do not live in Australia, which is the only place where koalas live.

Where in the rainforest do jaguars live?

Jaguars live on the forest floor

In what habitats do jaguars live?

The jaguars preferred habitats are usually swamps and wooded regions, but jaguars also live in scrublands and deserts.

Is Jaguar a predator of zebras?

No. Jaguars are not found in Africa where zebras live and there are no zebras in the Americas, where jaguars live.

Do jaguars like to live alone or with other cats?

Jaguars tend to live alone unless they have offspring.

Do jaguars live in the Amazon?

Yes, the highest concentration of jaguars is in the Amazon.