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The mimic octopus lives in it's caves so sometimes it can retreat

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Q: Where do mimic octopuses live?
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Is the mimic octopus extinct?

No, Mimic Octopuses are still alive today.

What is the mimic octopuses habitat?

its is the corral reef

Where do mimic octopi live?

Please note that the plural of 'octopus' is not 'octopi'. It is 'octopuses', or if you want to be really pedantic, it's 'octopodes'.

Do tree octopuses live in trees?

Tree octopuses do not exist. All octopuses are marine (live in the ocean).

Were do octopuses live?

Octopuses live in freshwater, salt water, and shallow water.

Where do octopuses live underwater?

Octopuses live along the sea bed, and will live in any hollow amongst rocks.

Is there octopuses in the tropical rainforest?

No. Octopuses live in salt water, not fresh.

Do octopuses live in schools?

No dummy

Where do octopuses get their food?

Since octopuses live in rocks and such they will find a lot of fish hiding from their predators.

Where do ant mimic spiders live?

mimic spiders live in dence habbitats usually in muddy and grassy places

Do giant octopuses live in small habitats?


Does an octopus live underwater?

Octopuses are marine animals that live in the sea.