Abduction and Kidnapping

Where do most kidnappings occur?

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Florida = California = predator

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How many kidnappings in Mexico each day?

Ten kidnappings a day. Unfortunately, Mexico is the country with most kidnappings in the world (as of 2009).

Where do most kidnappings in the world happen?

Colombia, South America. 1 in 3 kidnappings happen there.

Are child kidnappings mostly done by strangers?

49% of kidnappings are family kidnappings 27% of kidnappings are by acquaintances of the victims 24% of kidnappings are done by strangers

What us state has the most kidnappings?


What country has the most kidnappings?

Mexico, They have around 30 per day.

When did Dos Palmas kidnappings happen?

Dos Palmas kidnappings happened in 2001.

How many kidnappings in Mexico's history?

Difficult to know. From which year are you counting? Right now, Mexico has more than 8000 kidnappings per year, making it the most dangerous country in this regard.

Are a lot of kidnappers in Florida?

Florida is the number one state with the most kidnappings. It's horrible.

Why do people kidnap?

Most kidnappings are because of divorces. and usually its taken by a mother, father, or other relative.

Do lifetime movies with kidnappings always end in death?


How many kidnappings are there in Mexico?

2 thousand trillion

How many kidnappings happen at night after teenagers curfews?


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