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There are many really good websites that you can get free educational resources; here are a couple that I've found useful:

# this is a website that has printable pages for learning simple math, shapes, alphabet, handwriting and of course coloring stuff: # and this is a site that has preschool online games, e.g. learning ABC's, animals and shapes:

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Q: Where do preschool teachers get free online resources?
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There are many places on the internet that will offer great resources for home school teachers. You can these resources at the website

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Homeschooling has become a widespread movement. To assist parents and teachers with providing great curriculum resources, many top education websites have included free and low cost homeschool resources. is an excellent site to find online study resources.

Where can I find pre school workbooks online?

A great selection of free printable preschool workbooks and work sheets can be found at also offers preschool workbooks for sale such as the "Big Preschool Workbook."

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Where can I find preschool level worksheets online?

The website is a great website for printing off free preschool level worksheets. These worksheets teach a variety of subjects and are a great way for children to learn.

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