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on the opposition front

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Q: Where do shadow ministers sit?
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How do the shadow ministers get information about their portfolios?

shadow ministers do work for the government

Are shadow ministers paid a salary?

they are paid in shadow

Who are the Ministers and shadow ministers of New South Wales?

Zed seselliga

What are the ministers that sit at the back of the chamber called?

Frontbencher ministers

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

What are backbenchers?

In a parliament the people who form the government - the prime minister and other ministers, secretaries of state, etc. sit in the front benches, facing their opponents. Those who are in the same party, but who do not hold any government office, are known as backbenchers, because they sit in the seats towards, or at, the back. Opposition parties have 'spokespersons' on variou subjects.... they are often called the 'shadow Minister for ..... ' because they are said to 'shadow' the minister in charge of whatever their interest is.... These are usually referred to as 'front-bench spokespersons' or 'The Shadow Cabinet'. People in the opposition party, or parties, who are not spokespersons are also called backbenchers. Again, because the spokespersons sit at the front.

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You're searching for peace and tranquility in the forest, but it eludes you amidst the bustling sounds of nature. In the stillness and mystery of the woods, you can't seem to discover where your inner peace resides.

What is a shadow minister?

a Member of the opposition party or coalition who keeps a check on the activities and responsibilities of a government Minister. There is usually a shadow Minister for every government portfolio or policy area. Some shadow Ministers may cover several portfolios.

What do shadow ministers do?

They are members of the opposite party. The shadow minister can deliver a fatal blow to a government minister, either concerning matters of professional or personal conduct, or of policy. They basically disagree with whatever the opposite team says.p

How and how elects the minister and shadow minister?

Canadian ministers are not elected.Rather, the prime minister selects persons to become ministers, and the Governor General of Canada makes the appointments. Though ministers are not elected, they are nonetheless responsible to the elected representatives of the House of Commons. Ministers may be removed at any time by the Governor General (on the prime minister's advice), or collectively may be forced to resign or seek an election by a vote of the House of Commons.The term shadow ministers is not used for Canadian politics; the equivelant position is critics, and they collectively form (with the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition) a "Government-in-waiting" to replace the current party should the Governor General or electorate so decide. Critics are appointed by the Leader of the Opposition, and can be removed by the Leader of the Opposition.

What is a phrase for 'ministers in opposition' that would fit in the following crossword --A-O- new word -A-I-ET?

First word is SHADOW, second is CABINET. The "shadow cabinet" consists of the leaders of the opposition party (the party not currently in power in a two-party system).

Where does Stephen Harper's government work?

Parliament Hill is where the government ministers and MP's sit during sessions, but there are thousands of government buildings across Canada.