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Q: Where do the female lions hide their young?
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How do lions protect their young ones?

hide them in special places

How could you describe a female lion?

Female lions look very similar to their male counterparts, however they do not have the long mane male lions are famous for. Female lions hunt in packs and protect the young.

Do female sea lions give milk?

Sea lions DO give milk because they are mammals. That is how they feed their young.

Why do young lions attack aged lion?

for territory and female lions,the aged lion is ussually too old and weak to fight the younger lions.

Where do foxes have there young?

Foxes have their young in their mates den or the female finds a hide-away where she feels safe and comfortable to have her young.

Do lions escape or hide?

Lions are apex predators, an as such nothing predates them so the have no need to hide or escape.

What are the age group names given to lions?

Young - CubsAdult female - LionessAdult male - Lion

When was The Young Lions created?

The Young Lions was created in 1948.

What is the ISBN of The Young Lions?

The ISBN of The Young Lions is 0226751295.

Do any big cats besides lions live in groups for some time?

No, lions are the only big cats that live in groups except for female that are caring for their young.

Do cheetahs leave their young when they are born?

The female will hide her newborn cubs in tall grass so that she can hunt for food. However, this is for a very short period of time. During these brief periods the cubs are frequently killed by lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs.

How many pages does The Young Lions have?

The Young Lions has 689 pages.