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No. Leprechauns do not live anywhere. They do not exist.

No leprechauns live in Ireland. They live in people's imaginations.

leprechauns are said to live under ancient mounds

No. Leprechauns are creatures of myth and fiction.

Ireland---where leprechauns live at the bottom of a rainbow wtih a pot of gold :)

Leprechauns live in mushrooms and old shamrocks.

no they dont they live in ireland

If leprechauns were real, they would live in Ireland.

he is from the land of madeupia with fairies and leprechauns live jk jk leprechauns are real

Leprechaun live in Ireland.

No, they only live in Ireland. Sorry

Leprechauns live in Ireland but on St.patricks day you might see one were you live.

They don't live in trees. pumpkin tree's. they are very rare, and you can't see them in the regular world, but they are very common in the land of the platypusses. after all, they are a platypusses favorite food. the leprechauns live there because they are very good friends with the platypusses, and they can protect them from the honnaballoos. these like to eat the leprechauns.

ireland. they are leprechauns

I'm not to sure, i would think they live near rainbows :) to plant their pots of gold! Actually rainbows aren't where they live they can live in trees, tree houses , the forest and houses. In my neighborhood we have many leprechauns. I actually have one in my bedroom

Leprechauns have magic, but leprechauns aren't real (As far as we know...)

It's your own personal belief if you think leprechauns exist. If they were to live someplace, they would live in those two areas. Those are the sterotypical places where they live. You can't believe everything you hear. It's not always going to be true.

no leprechauns are not real have you seen a leprechaun in the us?

Leprechauns are fictional in the same way fairies and the boogey monster is. It does not matter if you live in London, Chicago or Sydney they don't exist. some people dont believe in leprechauns but I do so i think there are but but others might say differently

some live in a small wooden cottage or trees or in a bush or at the end of a rainbow in a field of course!

Unicorns may live at the end of a rainbow if they choose but that's usually leprechauns.

There are no leprechauns except in stories.

There are no such things as leprechauns.

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