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Volcanoes explode out of openings in the earth where lava bursts through. Typically the volcanoes are assumed to erupt from the top, or peek. However, it is common for a volcano to also erupt from the side of the cone shaped volcano.

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Do earthquakes explode like volcanoes?


What are volanoes?

volcanoes are mountthat explode lava

Do volcanoes in Hawaii explode anymore?


Does an island composite volcano explode rapidly or slowly?

The phrase "explode slowly" is an oxymoron. Composite volcanoes, regardless of whether they are island volcanoes or mainland volcanoes, will produce both explosive and non-explosive eruptions.

What are the disadvatages of volcanoes?

Um...they explode and kill people...

Does the volcanoes in Spain still explode?

no they dont occur

How are volcanoes related to science?

Volcanoes are related to science because scientists try to figure out how they explode.

What term is given to large depressions associated with volcanoes that form when volcanoes explode or collapse into the earth?

The rare phenomenon you're talking about is called a calderas.Caldera is the term given to large depressions associated with volcanoes that form when volcanoes explode or collapse into the earth.

What term is given to large depressions associated with volcanoes that form when volcanoes explode or collapse in the Earth?

That term is 'calderas'

Why do some volcanoes erupt and why others explode?

Some Volcanoes erupt while some don't because there are alot of different volcanoes but they all do the same thing.

What is built up in volcanoes?

magma/lava builds up pressure and explode

Why does volcano erupt or explode?

Volcanoes explode or erupt when pressure from in the earth reaches a point when it can't be held, therefore spewing magma into the air.

In what weather conditions does a volcano explode best?

Weather has no effect on the explosive properties of volcanoes.

Why don't Hawaii islands explode?

They do! Check out the Volcanoes State Park at Kilauea on the Big Island. They have volcanoes that have been going for 30 years now.

Why do Japan's volcanoes have steep slopes?

because japans volcanoes explode. So therefore, the magma does not flow down the volcano making it flat and smooth.

Why do volcanoes erupt or explode?

Volcanos tend to erupt or explode because the magma that comes out from the earths crust breaks the crust and explodes or erupts from the active Volcano.

Why does mt Etna explode?

Explosive eruptions are typical of subduction zone volcanoes with viscous magma.

Do Volcanoes at spreading boundaries explode when they erupt true or false?

the world may never know

Does a cinder cone volcano erupt violently?

Cinder Cone volcanoes do explode violently, but not as violently as a composite volcanoes.Yes, they are rather very loud and explosive.

Why is it important for us to know about volcanoes?

because if people are not informed about volcanoes they could erupt and explode and kill us all and we wouldnt have any protocol to escape it.

Why do volcanoes explode after years of silence?

in the magma chamber gasses build up. while it is silent its building up theses ezplosive gasses build up and explode.

How many volcanoes in Hawaii erupted?

they explode and hurt u some times because it is a hot topic

Defention of extinct volcano?

the definition for volcanoes is when the lava gets to hot it will explode and cause a big destruption

Why do some volcanoes explode more violently than others?

A real donkey is called a jack as in hell

Does a volcano have to explode?

No. While eruptions can be explosive, they often are not. Many volcanoes will pour out lava relatively gently.