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from a hiker. Mt. Mortar


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the hiker walking out of mount mortar at the nearest entrance to ekruteak

Walk east of Ecruteak to fin a hiker who gives it to you.

There is a move deleter who can make pokemon forget HM moves.

Go to Ecruteak City and then go thru route 42, and a man will come out of the cave and talk to you. Then he will give you HM strength.

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

On route 42, given by the hiker running out of Mt. Mortar. You need the Plain badge for it to work.

Teach the HM Strength to one of your Pokemon and use Strength on the boulders

the only place you can get it is route 42... when you enter a hiker will run out of the entrance to mount mortar

its not a tm or a hm your pokemon hast to learn it

i think you have to go to one of the dark caves and then you crash into a man he will give you a hm strength

HM Rock smash on route 36HM Cut from charcoal mna in ilex forestHM Surf in Ecruteak CityHM Fly in Cianwood CityHM Strength from a hiker on route 42HM Waterfall on the Ice PathThese were all I found in my Soul Silver guide.Good Luck!!

HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

You get it from a guy in the slopoke well. But you need the hm surf and strength.

There's a move deleter in blackthorn city he can remove hm moves.

no its impossible cuz nobody wants to. -Pokemongirlnat

in the cave before black thorn city

Beat the 5th gymleader and leave the gym

HM 02 in Heart Gold and Soul Silver is Fly .But you get it at the end of the 7th or 8th gym.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can not catch a Pokemon that already knows that as its an TM for soul~silver and a HM for the original silver.

HM 1=Cut HM 2=Fly HM 3=Surf HM 4=Strength HM 5=Flash HM 6=Whirlpool HM 7=Waterfall

You use HM Rock Smash on smashable rocks.

Talk to the sailor in the cafe in Olivine, he'll give it to you.

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