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Q: Where do you find Salmonella?
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In what animal do you find salmonella?


Where can you find a picture of salmonella on nutrient agar?

Search "salmonella culture" then select Images.

Can you find salmonella in bacon?

yes but its very rare

Where is the most common place to find salmonella?

You can find salmonella in raw meat and eggs or undercooked meat and eggs. It can also be found in animals that are yet to be slaughtered for food.

Were would you find salmonella?

On most reptiles and raw meats.

What is the pathogen name for salmonella?

Salmonella is caused by the Salmonella genus of bacteria, specifically salmonella enteridica.

What does salmonella typhi feed on?

Salmonella eats other salmonella

Is salmonella enterica and salmonella bongori species of salmonella?


When did people find out that there was salmonella in the peanutbutter?

last month in February 2009

What cellular processes does salmonella affect?

i dont know i need to find out to

The alias of salmonella enteriditis?

The Salmonella enteriditis causes food poisoning and gastroenteritis. I will do some looking to see about alternate names. --> The only alternate name I can find is just plain Salmonella (without the species name).

What is the reproduction cycle of salmonella?

when momey salmonella loves a daddy salmonella are in love they make a baby salmonella

What is the common name for Salmonella?


What pathogen is in salmonella?

Salmonella IS the pathogen.

Does fish and chips have salmonella in it?

No they do not have salmonella in it only if they get contaminated then it is possible for some to have salmonella?

Is Salmonella good or bad?

salmonella is a type of food poisoning, which can be caught by eating raw chicken. Unless you find that good i'd say it was a bad thing ;)

Where is salmonella typhimurium most likely found?

You can find it in milk, meat and eggs.

What is salmonella a type of?

salmonella is a type of food poisoning salmonella is a type of food poisoning

Is there a form of salmonella such as salmonella-D?

Yes there is.

What is the genus nme for salmonella?

Genus Salmonella.

What is salmonella's scientific name?

Salmonella enterica

What can salmonella do?

Salmonella can cause Typhoid fever.

What microorganism causes salmonella?

Salmonella spp.

What is the family of salmonella?

Salmonella Family is Enterobacteriaceae

In what foods do you find salmonella?

foods that have egg in them and is raw. so fresh baked cake wouldn't have salmonella becase it's baked but the batter might it's not cooked