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Where do you find a Gastly?

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You can find them in the Lost tower(South of Solacean town)and In the Old Chateau (In Eterna forest). They are mostly found at night. A Shiny gastly has a blue aura surrounding it. Gastly will evolve at lvl 25 into Haunter. and to obtain Gengar, you must trade. (btw, it is a ghost type meaning that it is useless against normal types.) Good luck trainers!

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Where do you find gastly on Pokemon HeartGold?

Gastly is found in Bellsprout Tower.

Were do you find GASTLY?

on which game?

Where do you catch gastly in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you find gastly in the Burned Tower and the Sprout Tower

Where is a gastly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to lavendar town and then enter Pokemon tower in there you can find a gastly.

Where do you find a gastly in ss and hg?

You can find a gastly in sprout tower at night in heart gold in soul silver i dont now.

How do you catch shiny Gastly?

To catch a shiny Gastly, there are three things you can try. First off, you can try catching a shiny Gastly in the wild. However, there is a 1 in 8192 chance of encountering a shiny Gastly and may take you hours to find one. Second, you can try breeding a shiny Gastly. There is a greater chance to find a shiny Gastly by breeding, but it still takes a few hours depending on how well you breed. Last, you can use your PokeRadar to chain Gastly. Depending on your luck and how well you chain, you can find a shiny Gastly within minutes or more. If your chain of Gastly reach up to 40 or more, your chance of finding a shiny patch is 1 in 200. A shiny patch will contain a shiny Gastly. You may even find several shiny Gastly from chaining. If you're really lucky, you can get a shiny Gastly from your first or second or even tenth chain.

Can you find a Gastly in the Burned Tower in SoulSilver?

you can find gastly in the tower where ho-oh is if you have gotten that far, it's most likely to appear at night

Where to find a gastly Pokemon soul silver?

Gastly is in lots of places, like the Sprout Tower or Safari Zone, but only at night.

Where do you find gastly in HeartGold?

at nigt you can find it in the bell tower or the sprout tower.

Where can you find gastly in Pokemon liquid crystal?

sprout tower

Where can a find a wild gastly?

In the Pokemon tower or sprout tower.

Where to find haunter in Pokemon Heart Gold?

evolve gastly.

Where to find ghastly in explorers of the sky?

You can find recruitable Gastly and its evolutions in Sky Stairway.

Where can you catch gastly in Pokemon lake?

you find Gastly at night time in the lakes + if Ur to dumb to no than don't play pearl diamond + platinum

Where do you get gastly in the safari zone in Pokemon soulsilver?

you can find him there and in bellsprout tower

What Pokémon evolve from gastly?

haunter then gastly

Where do you find gasley in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Once you have the silph scope you can go inside Pokemon tower and randomly on the floors where its foggy gastly can appear. Also you can find gastly inside lost cave on five island.

When does gastly evolve?

Gastly evolves at level 25.

Where do you find Huntar in Pokemon Pearl?

get a gastly get it to level 24 then walla you have a hauter

Where can you find ghastly in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To get Gastly you have to go to sprout tower at night.

Where can you find a haunter at in Pokemon HeartGold?

Evolve a gastly that you can catch in the sprout tower

What level does gastly evolve at?

gastly evolves at level 25

What level does gastly evolve on?

gastly evolve on level 25

Where do you find gastly in Pokemon HeartGold?

Sprout Tower, the tower you find Ho-Oh in, or on certain routes in your Pokewalker.

What Pokemon can you find in the lost tower in Pokemon FireRed?

you will get Gastly, hunter and the gost is a Marowak.