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Check your wireless router's documentation on how to find its WEP key. Assumedly your PC/laptop also connect to your router, so they should have the WEP key already or else they couldn't connect.

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What's my WEP Key?

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Q: Where do you find the Wep key for ds?
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What is a wep key for nentendo wifi conniction?

The WEP key is found on the router, not the DS unit or the WII. The WEP is different all routers.

Would you need the wep key of your internet modem to get on to the internet using a nintedo ds lite web browser?

If your router is protected by WEP encryption, then yes, you need to know the WEP key to allow the DS to access it.

What is the WEP key for your DS Nintendo Wifi?

A WEP key has nothing to do with your DS system but the WEP key is the password that is needed for secured wireless modem networks when you're trying to set up the connection with other devices. Most default WEP keys can be on the router or the modem already but if the key isn't a default one then you'll have to ask whoever set up your modem or Router for the WEP key.

What is a WEP Key on DS?

A WEP key is like a lock that protects your wi-fi connection from being used by "unauthorised people". It's not just for DS games, it's part of the router. If you don't know a router's WEP key, then you aren't authorised to use it.

Where can you find a WEP key for your Nintendo DS without using a router?

That doesn't technically make sense - a WEP key is the password used to access an encrypted (one form of encryption at least) router. If you don't have a router, it makes no sense to ask for a WEP key - a WEP key to access what? It's like a key with no lock, the WEP key is for a router.So if there's no router, there's no point wanting a WEP key. If there is a router and you don't know the WEP key, then clearly it's someone else's router, and the encryption is precisely to stop unauthorised people using it.

What is wep key in Animal Crossing?

WEP key is not really much to do with animal crossing (unless i am mistaken), it is something to do with your ds wifi connection. If you have a bt homehub then look on the back of it and it will have 'WEP key:' and code of numbers and letters. type that in where it says WEP key on your ds and your ds will connect to the internet. If you don't have a homehub then im sorry i cant help you with my own knowledge. It might not work anyway if your wifi router's settings are not compatible with the ds. Hope this helped.

My DS says the Sky Router WEP key is wrong?

Are you sure the Sky Router is using WEP? The default is WPA, which a regular DS cannot decrypt.

How do you get a SSID and WEP key for a DS?

You configure them when setting up your wireless router. The SSID is the 'name' it broadcasts, and the WEP key is the code a device needs to be able to unencrypt data sent by it. Once you've got the router set up, you can enter the SSID and WEP key into the DS, to allow it to connect to your router.

How do you get the wep key for Pokemon pearl?

A wep key has nothing to do with Pokémon Pearl, it is your wireless router's password.

Im trying to find a WEP key so you can access the internet on your ds lite and im completely lost you cant even get the proper ip webpage can anyone help i tried command ipconfig all and it not work?

A WEP key is the passcode used to access a wireless router. Assumedly your PC/laptop also connects to your router, you should be able to get the WEP key from those. Check your router's documentation.If you do not have a wireless router, then you don't need a WEP key. Any signals your DS picks up, in fact belong to other people, and the WEP key is exactly there to stop unauthorised people using the network.

What is my wep key?

well, my friend. Everybody has there own different WEP key

What is a WEP code?

A WEP key is get up off lazy butt and find it out your self