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in the gym in cearulean city

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How do you get the missing generator piece on Pokemon soulsilver?

Fight the galactic grunt and he'll give it to u

How do you fix the power plant in Pokemon soulsilver?

The missing piece to the generator is in the middle of the Cerulean City Gym. Take that to the guy next to the generator and it will be fixed.

How do you get the generator piece in Pokemon Silver?

go into the gym in cerulean city the part is next to the last tube(it is not visible) just click ''A"

Where in the cerulean gym is the generator piece in Pokemon silver?

It is in one of the piles of life rings. Just go up to them and press A until you find it. Hope I helped!

Where is the generator piece in Pokemon HeartGold?

it is in misty's gym press a on the life savers

How do you solve the mystery in the power plant in Pokemon soul silver?

Go in there and then go to cerulean gym rocket member shall be there and follow him and he will tell u where the missIng piece is

How do you get the Pokemon flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to find Team Rocket, get the missing piece from the power plant that they stole then go to the power plant , give the manager the missing piece then he will give you the poke flute. Hope I helped!! :)

What do you do to go in Kanto radio tower?

You have to fix the powerplant generator, by catching the team rocket member with the missing piece. They will then let you in.

What floatie in Pokemon heart gold holds the missing piece of the power plant?

the floatie is the one at the top left that got the piece

Where is a star piece in Pokemon soul silver?

It is in one of the chambers in the ruins of alph

Where do you get the generator piece in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It's somewhere in the Cerulean City Gym. Try and find it with your Dowsing Machine.

Where do you get the generator piece in Pokemon gold?

go to cerulean city, go to the gym, and go to the middle section of water. Click on it and it will say that you received the machine piece.

What water foat is the generator piece in in the cerulian gym?

the generator piece is behind the last stack of floats

When was One Piece Missing created?

One Piece Missing was created in 2001.

How do you wake up the Snorlax on Pokemon soul silver?

Go to cerulean city and go to the generator, theyll tell you to go find the missing piece in cerulean. hes on the bridge, and he hid the part in the gym. go to the generator, and done. go to lavender city, go in the radio tower talk to the pacing man, and he'll give you the card that lets you play music. go to the snorlax, put the music on pokeflute (its at the top) and talk to the snorlax. He will wake up and battle you.

When was The Missing Piece - book - created?

The Missing Piece - book - was created in 1976.

Where is the Pokeflute in Crystal?

there isn't a pokeflute in crystal.to get the pokeflute radio show you must first go to cerulean city and find the missing generator piece and fix the generator and then you go to violet city go to the radio tower and talk to the owner :}

How do you do the ho-oh puzzle in pokemon soul silver?

to spin the puxxle piece simply tap it

In the book pirateology where is the missing piece of the map?

The missing piece of the map is in the dispatches section of the book behind the letters.

When was The Missing Piece - Twins album - created?

The Missing Piece - Twins album - was created in 2005.

When was One Silver Piece created?

One Silver Piece was created in 1976.

What does 925 mean on a piece of jewelry?

If the piece is from a silver alloy - 92,5 % silver.

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