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You go to Fossil Maniac's House. He lives just outside of Fallarbor town (route 114). You talk to his little brother, and he will give you the TM Dig. Also, if you traded away the TM(28), level up a Trapinch to Lv. 41 (don't evolve it before) or level up a Nincada to Lv. 45 to gain Dig as a move.

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Q: Where do you get Dig in Pokemon Ruby?
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What level does trapinch learn dig in pokemon ruby?

Trapinch learns Dig at level 41 in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

A Pokemon that already knows dig in Pokemon ruby?

no but a boy gives dig to you sorry

Where can you get dig in Pokemon ruby?

In Pokemon Ruby, the TM Dig is given to the player by the Fossil Maniac's little bother. Their house is just outside Fallarbor Town.

How can you dig up fossils in Pokemon ruby?

Press A.

How do you dig in the game Pokemon Ruby?

1. go in a cave 2. go to your Pokemon party 3 click on the Pokemon that knows dig 3 press A on "dig"

Which Pokemon in ruby already knows dig?

none. you have to teach it to them.

What Pokemon learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

I know that Pikachu can learn dig. I also think it's true that Aron can learn dig. I hope I helped you!

Does other Pokemon know's dig with out a TM in Pokemon ruby?

Other Pokemon do know dig without the TM dig. Most DIGlets know dig. Find diglets in Diglet cave. Hope this helps!

When does zigzagoon learn dig?

In Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald, Zigzagoon cannot learn the move dig.

Where is the dig hm located in ruby?

the TM dig is found in the Pokemon maniacs house on route 15

What level does graveler learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

Dig is a TM, so you can teach it to it at any level.

Where do you get TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?

you can get 28 dig on route 114

What level does trapinch learn dig Pokemon ruby?

I have a bonerr 20sumin

When does a sandslash learn dig?

Sandslash learns Dig at level 30 in Pokemon X and Y. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it can learn Dig at level 33.

How do you dig in Ruby?

you find the TM dig and use it on a Pokemon then while its in your party goto a cave/dungeon and use dig to return to the begining.

How do you get trappinch to learn dig?

Trapinch can learn Dig by itself at level 29 in Pokemon X and Y. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it can learn Dig at level 19.

What Pokemon on ruby version can use dig?

sand slash trapinch and haryama

You had dig but your Pokemon lost it in the day care center how do you get it back?

you can't get another one if you gave the TM dig to the pokemon. but sandshrew learns dig at a certain level. *I assume you have Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald*

What if Zigzagoon did not learn dig on Pokemon Ruby?

Zigzagoon wouldn't be able to learn Dig by leveling up. You will need to give it the TM Dig to teach Zigzagoon.

How do you get more Dig TMs in Pokemon Ruby?

You need a Gameshark for that. Go to to get the code.

When does nincada learn dig?

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Nincada can learn Dig at level 45. It can learn Dig at a earlier level by using TM 28.

Where can you dig in Pokemon ruby?

You Cant "Dig" Like In Diamon Pearl And Platinum. Like you can use the move Dig but Yiu cant Mine you just Find the iteams.....

Which Pokemon know dig when they are caught on Pokemon ruby?

no Pokemon knows dig upon being caught but nincada and trapinch learn it if you don't let them evolve. you can get TM 28 which is dig just outside of Fallarbor from the fossil maniacs little brother

How do you use dig in Pokemon ruby?

its sort of like an escape rope you can use it to easly get out of a cave.when your

What Pokemon learns did in ruby?

A trapinch will learn dig at level 41 and a nincada at level 45