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You can't catch it on Pokemon Fire Red. You have to trade it from Leaf Green.

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How do you get Slowpoke in Pokemon FireRed?

Slowpoke is not in Pokemon Fire Red. They are only in Leaf Green. Hope I helped!

How do you get a slowpoke in emerald?

By trading it through Pokemon fire red or Leaf green

How do you move a slowpoke in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot directly catch a Slowpoke in Fire Red; you must get a friend to trade it to you from leaf green.

Where do you get slowpoke in pokemon emerald?

After getting national Dex, simply trade from Fire red or Leaf green.Actually slowpoke can't be found in Fire Red...can only be caught in the Leaf Green version.-SatoresYou can't get a slowpoke on emerald but you can trade one from Pokemon fire red and leaf green. I think you can find them in the water.You cannot get a Slowpoke,Slowbro or SlowKing in Pokemon Emerald Verion for Game Boy Advance SP.You have to trade it via Fire Red Version.that's how I got my SlowKing.In Pokemon Firered you can get slowpoke in Seaform islands.You can get there by sufring right off the coast of Cinnabar Island.You can evolve slowpoke to slowbro by training it to level 37 and then evolve slowbro to slowking by trading it holding a kings rock.

How do you get slowpoke in Pokemon Red?

you can find a slowpoke in the caves in the ocean i cant remamber what there called but i beat Pokemon red,yellow,blue,gold,silver,xd.

What Pokemon can you get in Pokemon LeafGreen that you cant get in fire red?

Magmar, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Marill, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Staryu, Pinsir, & Misdreavus.

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get shellder?

Shellder is a version exclusive Pokemon only found in Fire red. But, Instead of Shellder, you can get Slowpoke, if you use a good rod in the Vermillion city harbor.

How do you get the Pokemon missing no in Pokemon fire red for game boy sp?

Ya can't sorry. don't try trading, it appears as a regular ditto or some slowpoke or something.

What rare pokemon can you get in leafgreen?

these Pokemon are only obtainable in leaf green not in fire red/ruby/sapphire/emerald: Slowpoke Sneasle Misdrearvus Remoraid they are pritty needed for a perfect team

Where do you get a slowpoke in Pokemon Tower Defense?

you can get slowpoke in pokemon td in 5.6

Where do you catch Slowpoke in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no route 205 on Pokemon fire red, it only goes up to route 25; you can only get slopoke on leafgreen[ yOU ARE RIGHT BUT YOU CAN POKERADAR IT ON ROUTE 205 I CAUGHT IT MYSELF... ] There IS no Pokeradar in Fire Red, neither is there a route 205. You're talking about Generation IV. Do your research first - - You can't catch a wild Slowpoke or Slowbro - but you can catch a Psyduck. You can only get a Slopoke in Leaf Green.AnswerYou only find Slowpoke in Leafgreen. AnswerWell, you can't catch a Slowpoke/Slowbro on Fire Red, only on Leaf Green. The Way I did it, so I didn't have to buy LG is use a Gameshark, and use a wild Pokemon modifier code. If you have one, go to Gamshark.com, or for a Action Replay, go to armax.com. AnswerA Slowpoke is only obtainable in Pokemon Leafgreen. Trade for it to get it.Only leafgreen can capture slowpoke, trade slowpoke from leafgreen to firered.You can find slowpoke in the Seafoam Islandsthrough walking, surfing and using the superrod. And you can also even find a Slowbro.And you can also find slowpokes in Route 21and Route 19 by using the Super Rod.-jean- ^_^http://wiki.answers.com/Where_do_you_find_a_slowpoke_in_fire_red#ixzz3qGrd5hqhYou can't get slowpoke in Firered. You need to trade it from LeafgreenYou can't. You have to trade it from leaf green.You can't. You need to trade it from leaf green.you can't find slowpoke in fire red you have to trade it from leaf green

What does the Pokemon slowpoke evolves?

slowpoke evolves into slowbro

What does the red chain do in Pokemon fire red?

Why would it do somthing in fire red? the red chain is from the ds game Pokemon fire red is a gba

Where can you catch slowpoke on Pokemon Gold?

You can catch Slowpoke in Pokemon Gold in the Slowpoke Well that is by Azalea Town and you can also find them in Tohjo Falls.

On Pokemon fire red?

Pokemon Fire Red only has the three legendary birds

Why do I find horseas everywhere and yet no krabbies in FireRed?

You will be getting krabby in Pokemon leaf green where as horsea in Pokemon leafgreen.There ae some pokemons that you get in fire red will not be there in leaf green like,Fire Red:Growlithe,oddish,psyduck and in leaf green:Vulpix,bellsprout,slowpoke.

How do you get a Rotom in Pokemon FireRed?

You cnnot catch it in Pokemon fire red ,but you can catch it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.If you want it to be in your fire red,you will have to migrate it from your Diamond/pearl to your fire red.

How do you get slowking in Pokemon soulsiver?

Trade a Slowpoke holding a King's Rock and it will evolve. You can get a Slowpoke in the Slowpoke Well.

In Pokemon liquid crystal where do you get a slowpoke?

you find slowpoke in slowpoke well in azalea town but its very rare

Where can you catch a slowpoke in Pokemon FireRed?

You can only catch slowpoke in leafgreen.

How do you get slowpoke in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can find slowpoke near Azalea town.

Where you can find a slowpoke in Pokemon FireRed?

Slowpoke is only available in leafgreen.

What are opinions on the best Pokemon on FireRed?

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

Where can you get slowpoke in Pokemon Diamond?

Slowpoke cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This Pokemon can be found on route 205 in Pokemon Pearl using the pokemon radar and traded to Diamond.

What Pokemon do you get in LeafGreen that you don't get in FireRed?

Well u cant get slowpoke in pokemon fire red which means u cant get slowbro or slowking.Also u can only get 1 evee which means 1 pokemon out of these three(flareon,jolteon,vaporeon) so which ever 1 u chose for evee to evlove in get 1 more from leaf green.Oh yeah the three starter pokemon get 1 from fire red and get another from leaf green and give it 2 ur fire red same with the evee thing.

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