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Where do you get a masterball in pokemon firered?

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In Pokemon FireRed, the Masterball is obtained by defeating Giovani and the Rockets in th Silph Co. building in Saffron City. (Once Giovani is defeated, the president of Silph Co. rewards you with the Masterball)

(warning)you also have to defeat Gary
The masterball is given by the president of silph co.
you get the master ball at the top of the tower in saffron city from the president guy. you must beat the team rocket boss to get it.

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there is only one masterball

for Pokemon there are no codes

defeat all rockets and giovani then a man will ive you a masterball

No but you can have a friend trade you a Pokemon holding the masterball they got.

You get the masterball when you go and defeat Team rocket

the masterball is for any Pokemon you want, it can catch them without fail ( it will ALLWAYS work ) . you are supposed to use it for mewtwo though. :P

you cant but u get it from the Silph Co. president.

The president of silph co will give you one.

Find it on a route in the grass then use the masterball.

You can't. You only get one without trading it from another Pokemon game.

The Master ball is for catching any Pokemon successfully without failure.It will 100% catch a Pokemon.

it roams. u have to get lucky and catch i with the masterball because it flees.

you can use it when ever you want but i recomend using it on mewtwo

First of all, what do you mean make? You can only receive one masterball in the entire game. One game. One masterball. One pokemon.

when you find that Pokemon if you have a master ball with you use a pokeball and you will capture it

You can get a Master Ball at Silph Co. from the Silph Co. President after you beat Giovanni.

deafeat giovani in silph.coAfter you finish silph company, the president of it will give it to you.

Once you have the masterball you get in leafgreen the only way to get another one is to have a firered or ruby or sapphire or emerald trade you a Pokemon that is holding a masterball.

There is a cheat, if you trade a Pokemon of yours holding a masterball to someone with Emerald they can clone that Pokemon and what its holding and then trade back!

The legendary dog you find the dog that has a type advantage over your starter.

It's impossible to get another Master Ball unless you restart the game or someone trades you a Pokemon with a master ball.

you need to buy a master ball or find one you cant make a master ball

how to cheat Pokemon emerald masterball with password

You have to have gameshark to get 99 masterballs. Gameshark is a cheating system that allows you to type in codes and get/do certain things. the pokemon firered masterball code is: master code:000014D1 000A 10044EC8 0007 masterball code:82003884 0001

the strongest pokeball is the masterball. the masterball can catch any Pokemon out of the 493. it doesnt matter what kind of Pokemon it is, the masterball can catch any Pokemon.

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