Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Where do you get all the rare Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed and how?


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Mewtwo (Cerulean city cave)

Katobo it evloves to (fossil in an island and take it to a professer in a computer department)

Moltres (Mt. Ember)

Zapdos (Power Plant)

Articuno (Seafoam Island)

Alakazam (Trade)

Gengar (Trade)

Machamp (Trade)

Golem (Trade)

Deoxys and Jirachi (Trade from Pokemon ruby/sapphire)

Rayquaza (Trade from Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald)

Kyogre (Trade from Sapphire)

Groudon (Trade from Ruby)

Entie (Unknow cave you must have started with Bulbasuar)

Suicune (Unknow cave you must have started with Charmander)

Rikou (Unknow cave you hav started with Squirtle)

More pokemons from ruby/sapphire/emerald/leaf/etc.