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Where do you get moon stones in firered?


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February 25, 2014 7:27PM

You can get a few of moon stones:

1. Inside the Mt. Moon (go around looking for items in pokeballs),

1. Inside the Mt. Moon (at the end you can get a fossil after you beat a nerd, just below there is a recess, walk into it and click action buttom)*I accidently found out about it ;P*,

3. In the Rocket Hideout (just walk around looking for items in pokeballs),

4. In the Cinnibar Mansion (just enter it and go up, until you see a group of stones on the left, click on them and you will find moon stone in one of them),

5. On Two Island, after you save Collette (or something, I don't remember her name now, but I know she was game corner owner's kid ;P),

6. Additionally you can catch a Clefairy, however a chance of holding moon stone by it is pathetic low (I think around 5 %, but I don't remember now). here is a moonstone.
If I remember it correctly there are 5
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