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You can get a few of moon stones:

1. Inside the Mt. Moon (go around looking for items in pokeballs),

1. Inside the Mt. Moon (at the end you can get a fossil after you beat a nerd, just below there is a recess, walk into it and click action buttom)*I accidently found out about it ;P*,

3. In the Rocket Hideout (just walk around looking for items in pokeballs),

4. In the Cinnibar Mansion (just enter it and go up, until you see a group of stones on the left, click on them and you will find moon stone in one of them),

5. On Two Island, after you save Collette (or something, I don't remember her name now, but I know she was game corner owner's kid ;P),

6. Additionally you can catch a Clefairy, however a chance of holding moon stone by it is pathetic low (I think around 5 %, but I don't remember now). here is a moonstone.
If I remember it correctly there are 5
ask someone who knows it!

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How do you get moon stones?

There is 4 hidden moon stones in the game some not so hidden some given to you some you will need the itemfinder to get them. However you can get many moon stones from the pokemon Lunatone in pokemon sapphire version you can then trade the item to firered if you need it for some reason.

Where do you get moon stones in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt moon, Rocket game corner, the guy in the two island game corner gives you one as well, Pokemon mansion.

Where is the sunstone in FireRed?

You can find Sun Stones in Pokémon FireRed in the Ruin Valley.

Where do you find the trading stones in Pokemon FireRed?


How many stones are in FireRed?

over 9000

How do you get a fire stone in Pokemon FireRed version?

The Department Store in Celadon City sells fire, water, thunder, and leaf stones. You can purchase them on the fourth floor. Note that the store does not sell sun or moon stones.

How many moonstones are in pokemon firered?

There are 2 moonstones that are findable in LeafGreen. One is found in Mt. Moon, while the other is found in the Rocket hideout. Additional moon stones can be found on wild clefairy.

Where do you find Moon Stones In Pokemon Fire Red?

Moon Stones are supposed to be found in Mount Moon.

How to smash stones Pokemon FireRed?

Get Rock Smash

Can you buy stones in FireRed?

if you mean elemental stones then yes you can get them in the celadon city shopping center

Where do you find moonstones in Pokemon FireRed?

It seems you can only get two. One in Mt Moon, and possibly, I believe something about dancing clefairies in Pewter City..... but NO, you cannot buy moon stones at the mall.haha actually that completely wrong.. you can get four moon stones in firered and leafgreen from mt. moon you find 3 and from Pokemon mantion you get 1Actually, you can get even more. Clefairies can be holding moonstones if you find them and catch them at mt. moon. There's a 5% chance you will get a clefairy with a moonstone. Good luck with that...u find them one in mt .moon another in the diggletts tunnel and one in the safari zone

Where can you find jiggly puff in Pokemon FireRed?

jigglypuff in Pokemon firered.mont moon and near mount moon

Where are moon stones in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

You can find the moon stone in Harvest Moon Magical melody in the Cave. (I don't believe that their are moon stones in the underground lake, but hey it is wroth a shot.)

Moon stone in Pokemon FireRed?

In celadon city there is a big building with a little girl running around a fountain outside. Go in that building and go up to the 4 floor and if you go to the counter, you can buy Moon, fire, water and thunder stones.

Where are the locations of moon stones on Pokemon LeafGreen?

there in mt. moon

Where is mount moon on Pokemon FireRed?


Where to get a kabuto in Pokemon FireRed?

mt. moon

Where do you get a thunderstone in pokemon firered?

You can buy them in Celadon City. There is a big market. You can buy them on the second or third floor where there is only one clerk. He sells every stone, except moon and sun stones.

What are all the stone names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Thunder stones, Water stones, Fire stones, Leaf stones, Shiny stones, Dusk stones, Oval stones, Moon stones, Sun stones.

Where are the moon stones Pokemon Blue?

Some are found in Mt. Moon

In emerald is there a stone other than moon stone?

Yes, there are fire stones, thunder stones, leaf stones, and even sun stones

Where can you catch clefairy in Pokemon FireRed?

mount moon

How do you evolve slowpoke in FireRed?

use a moon stone

When does nidorino evolve in firered?

you have to use a moon stone on it.

Where do you get moon stones in Pokemon diamond?

You can find moon stones underground or you have a possibility to find one on a cleffa and clefairy. I hope that helped a little!