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You can get oddish in Pokemon diamond and pearl when you finish your adventure, and that means that you beat the champion. After that, you have to get the national pokedex from professor oak. if you have battled all of the trainers along your journey, your sinnoh pokedex should be complete. go to professor rowan, and talk to him. then, professor oak will come and give you your national pokedex. now you can catch an oddish! but first, go to snowpoint city. talk to the guy near the boat, and he will take you to the battle zone in the little island near the sinnoh region. first you have to go to the resort area. Go north from there and then you will be in a route. you can catch oddish as well as the evolved form of oddish there.


you can get oddish in Pokemon heartgold in the ilex forest.

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Where can you find oddish in pokemon LeafGreen?

Oddish is a FireRed-exclusive Pokemon in Generation III. To obtain an Oddish in LeafGreen, it has to be traded.Oddish is a FireRed-exclusive Pokemon in Generation III. To obtain an Oddish in LeafGreen, it has to be traded.Oddish does not appear in LeafGreen.

What does oddish evolve into?

An oddish evolves into Gloom

How do you get oddish?

It is easy to get oddish in all version!

Where in ruby version can you find a level 5 or lower oddish?

you can only get a level 5 or lower oddish by breeding an oddish with another oddish with the opposite genders.

What level does oddish evolve?

oddish will evolve at level 21

Where to catch oddish?

In firered you can find oddish on route 24.

Can oddish learn flash?

Yes, Oddish can learn flash.

How do you evolve an Oddish in Pokemon?

Oddish evolves naturally at level 21.

When does oddish evolve in Pokemon X?

Oddish evolves at level 21.

Where can you catch oddish in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch oddish in the saffari zone.

Were can you find and oddish in LeafGreen?

You can't. Oddish are version exclusive to firered.

How do you get an oddish in Pokemon ranger shadows of alma?

Go to the Union Road and you get Oddish, when you go up to Oddish it turns into a strange weed, use Tackle (x1) on the strange weed to turn it back into an Oddish.

Which is better Oddish or Seedot?

Oddish is better than Seedot Deepnds on what you need them to do

Where can you find an oddish on Pokemon HeartGold?

If you go to Kanto you will find plenty of Oddish.

Where is Oddish in soul silver?

you could find oddish in the Ilex Forest at night.

Where to catch oddish in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can find oddish in the ilex forest at night.

What type is the Pokemon Oddish?

Oddish is the dual Grass/Poison-type Pokemon.

What level will oddish get sweet scent?

Oddish learns Sweet Scent at level 5.

What level does oddish evolve heart gold?

Oddish evolves at level 21 in HeartGold.

Does oddish evolve into bellosom?

No oddish evolves into Gloom or Bloom whatever that drooly Pokemon is.

What level does oddish evolve Pokemon gold?

Oddish evolves into Gloom at level 21.

What level does oddish evelove in sapphire?

oddish eveloves at level 26 into gloom dbzpokeyu

Can Pokemon Oddish use rock smash?

No Oddish cannot learn Rock Smash.

Where can you find oddish in Pokemon Gold?

You can find an oddish in the Ilex Forest, only at night though.

Where do you find oddish in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find an oddish in the safari zone next to lilycove town