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In the Ice path, there is a guy. there is a pokeball with the HM waterfall below him get it, and he lets you keep it


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you will find it on the ground but there is an ice puzzle to get it.

Teach one of your Pokemon the HM Waterfall, and you can go up the waterfall.

HM, Waterfall is in the Ice Cave on Four Island.

You need the HM Waterfall and teach it to a water Pokemon

First, you have to get the HM strength, then teach it to and a Pokemon and you can move boulders.

you get the hm waterfall and then teach it to a Pokemon then if you have pearl dimondor platinum you go to mt cornet but for soulsilver and heartgold you go to mt mortor ,mt silver.

It is in the Ice Path. You will see an item ball past a small ice patch. That is the HM for Waterfall.

you can't hm waterfall hadn't been a move that was created in red or blue or yellow

HM08 Waterfall is in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

on Pokemon dimond there isn't a move caled dive. but there are a hm called surf and cant

In HeartGold, you can find the HM Waterfall in the Ice Cave.

How to get HM waterfallHow to get HM waterfall:After defeating Volkner, the gym leader of Sunyshore City, go to the shore that leads to the Pokemon league. there is a girl gym leader from far away, she is called jasmine, and she will give you the HM waterfall.Hope I helped! ^_^:) Happy Pokemon Adventures!!

you will get it from the girl at the 8th badge gym she will give you the hm 07 waterfall

You get the HM waterfall in the same cave you get Kyogre

You get HM Waterfall at the end of Route 18 on the strip of grass in Pokemon Black.

you do need hm waterfall for mt. conet.There's a waterfall in mt.conet

U don't go through the waterfall, u go over the waterfall. The goal is to have the HM waterfall. This HM allows ur Pokemon to climb the waterfall.

U find the HM Waterfall in the cave of origin.

HM Waterfall is given to you by Gym Leader Juan after you beat him.

you recieve the hm waterfall after you have deafeated the elite 4

Jasmine will give HM Waterfall to you at the beach after defeating Volkner.

you have to obtain the HM waterfall

I think like Heartgold and Soulsilver versions it was in the Ice Path, But I don't remember for certain.

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