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After you beat the elite four, go to fight area. Talk to the fisherman by the north west exit (not by the water), and answer yes to his question.

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Q: Where do you get the Super Rod on Pokemon Diamond?
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Where do you get a super rod Pokemon Platinum?

You can receive a Super Rod from a fisherman in the Fight Area on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon diamond rods?

old rod good rod super rod and pie rod

How do you get finnion in Pokemon diamond?

use a super rod

Do you have to have the super rod to catch dragonair in Pokemon diamond?


How do you catch a fineon in pokemon diamond?

you have to use a super rod or normal rod

Can you find lumineon in Pokemon diamond with a good rod?

No. It is only with the super rod.

What is the extreme rod in Pokemon diamond?

NO Such Thing Only Super Rod/Good Rod/Old Rod.

Where is the ultra rod in Pokemon diamond?

no such thing as an 'ultra rod.' there is a such thing as a 'super rod' though.

On Pokemon diamond where can you find a super rod?

In the fight area.

How do you get a master rod on Pokemon Diamond?

I dont think you do get one you only get a super rod

Were do you find the super rod in pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, there are three Fishing Rod items. The Super Rod has the best rate of catching a Pokemon, and can be found after deleting the Elite Four and filling out the National Dex. If the player then talks to the fisherman standing on Route 225, he will hand over the Super Rod.

Pokemon 80 in Pokemon Diamond?

it's barboach. You can get it by battling or fishing it with a super rod.

Where is the great-rod in Pokemon diamond?

there is no great rod there is only old , good and super

Where do you get a good rod on Pokemon diamond?

I have no clue but you can get a super rod by talking to the fisherman in the fight area

Where do you get finneon on Pokemon diamond?

any body of water with the super rod

How To Get A Super Rod In Pokemon Diamond?

at the fight area the fisherman will give you it

How do you catch carvanha in Pokemon diamond?

Safari Zone - super rod

Where is wailord on Pokemon Diamond?

Routes 223 & 230 (Super Rod)

How do you catch a feebas in Pokemon diamond with out using a super rod?


What is a super rod?

a super rod is a excellent updated fishing pole. In diamond you can catch gryados and like 50 level Pokemon with it.

Where do you get Great Rod in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find a good rod on route 209 or you can find a super rod in the Fight Area.

Where to get old rod in Pokemon diamond?

Old rod- Jubilife City Good rod- Route 209 Super rod- Fight area

Where to get a fishing rod on Pokemon diamond?

Old rod: Jubilife city Good rod: Route 209 Super rod: Fight area

Superod on diamond?

The super rod is used in Pokemon Diamond to catch wild Pokemon. A fisherman gives you this item at the Battle Zone.

Where do you get Pokemon occtoleri's in diamond?

use a super rod in sunshore or any where with water