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You can get it in the house next to "Mossdeep Space Center" in Mossdeep City.

littel girl by witerock. Go lEFt and in house were fisher man lives in Mossdeep City. hope i could help! ;] - - _

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Super rod Pokemon Emerald?

The super rod is received in mossdeep city.

What rods are in Pokemon emerald?

old rod, good rod and super rod

Where is the super rod in emarld?

The super rod in pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald is in mossdeep city.

How do you get a carvanah in pokemon emerald?

You have to fish with a super rod.

Where is the super rod Pokemon Emerald?

the super rod is in mossdeep city at the house past the space station

Super rod in emerald?

The Super Rod is an item that you can use to catch Pokemon. The man who gives you it is in Mossdeep City.

How do you get the super rod in Pokemon Emerald?

The Super Rod is located in Mossdeep city. The player receives the Super Rod by talking to the fisherman in the northern most house.

How do you catch a Pokemon on the Super Rod on Pokemon Emerald?

use your super rod it will do this "........... oh a bite" now as fast as you can press a. now it will repeat the more it does it the larger the pokemon.

Where to find luvdisc Pokemon emerald?

It should be at the Pokemon League,use a Super Rod

Where to get the super rod in Pokemon emerald?

The fisherman who gives you the super rod is in mossdeep city his house is to the left of the space center.

What area do you catch a carvanha on Pokemon emerald?

get a good rod/ super rod on route 119

Where to get relicanth in Pokemon emerald?

in route 226 and use super rod

How do you get an ultra rod on Pokemon emerald?

there's no ultra rod there's only a old rod,good rod, & super rod..veronica

Where do you get a barbaroach in Pokemon emerald?

go fishing in falador town with a good rod of super rod or surf.

Where can you catch a staryu on Pokemon Emerald?

Use the Super Rod in Lilycove City.

How do you get a wailmer in Pokemon emerald?

use a super rod in the ocean near lilycove

Where do you catch Sharpedo in Pokemon Ruby?

I know in emerald you can at Mossdeep with a super rod.

Where to get luvdisc in emerald?

In the Pokemon League. NEar the waterfall. Use a super Rod

Where can you find a carvana in Pokemon emerald?

In route 119 by super rod fishing.

Where is the great-rod in Pokemon Emerald?

There are three fishing rods you can obtain: The Old Rod, The Good Rod, and The Super Rod. There is no Great Rod.

How do you get a super rod in Pokemon Emerald?

There is a house near the space center in mossdeep city inside is a fisherman if you answer his question with YES you get the super rod.

How do you use a SUPER ROD in Pokemon emerald?

When facing water, open your bag and go to key items. There select the Super Rod and then use it.

How do you get the giga rod in Pokemon emerald?

theres no such thing as a giga rod, sorry. if you mean the super rod you get it from a guy in a house in mossdeep.

How do you catch corsola in Pokemon emerald?

Route 128 or Evergrande City (Super Rod)

How do you catch a waillord in Pokemon emerald?

catch a wailmer with a super rod then level it to 40