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i don't know I think mystery gift green hat guy

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Yes, but you need a ferry ticket through mystery event. (wireless adapter needed)

okay the wireless adapter isn't just for fire red for one and a wireless adapter is what you use to hook up 2 game boys together wirelessly.

Aurora ticket is only avaible in leaf green, fire red and emerald. But not ruby or sapphire.

The Aurora Ticket takes you to Birth Island, home of Deoxys. In Fire red you will meet it in attack form In Leaf green you will meet it in defense form.

Yes, the wireless adapter is included, however, the connector cord is not.

you use the wireless adapter to get to lugia . trainer ash

i think you get all of the of the legendary dogs first and go to bill and he might give you the aurora ticket.

The wireless club is always open but only to those who have a Wireless Adapter attached to their Gameboy Advance system.

I don't know about the wireless adapter, but you can have a wire adapter and use it on you GBA (Game Boy Advance). YOU MUST HAVE A GBA TO ADAPT WITH THE WIRE, it doesn't fit on the DS. I don't know about the wireless but maybe someone else will later put the answer later on.

You must use a gameshark or action replay.

Using the GameShark is the only easiest way in getting the Aurora Ticket, and maybe in fact, the only way to get the Aurora Ticket. I recommend with GameShark, for you can get all the items that are unobtainable currently, including all the other special tickets.

Ebay and with the Fire Red and Leaf Green games.

You can only get the Aurora Ticket in Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald. The ticket was given out at a Nintendo Event and can no longer be obtained. Although, there is a way to get the ticket through a cheating device, but I do not suggest you get it in that manner. However, if you mix records with a person who has the Aurora Ticket, you will also receive it.

You can use the wireless adapter from leaf-green/fire-red, if that doesn't count as an adapter. You may also be able to use the DS wireless, with 2 DS's. Lastly, you can trade with in-game traders, inside houses, but they are very specific.

maby what they are both gba games why did you ask.

Put the adapter in the GBA/GBASP and talk to the lady upstairs in the Pokemon center if she lets you in the union room this means the adapter is working if not re hook up the adapter and try again.

the only way possible is to get a wireless adapter or link cable(Pokemon Centre does not exist in firered or leafgreen

you have to trade a graveler to evolve it you can only evolve it by trading it with a wireless adapter.

Well,you do need a wireless adapter pluged into your game boy advance.With it,you are now able to access your mystery gift.I know,that's really dumb.....How do i know?I followed all the instructions and once i clicked on the mystery gift,it said "you must have a wireless adapter to access your mystery gift".(or something like that....)

The only place I know you can get an aurora ticket is leaf/green and fire/red but I never fount anything about one in diamond and pearl so i say no even though i wish i could say yes sorry

u cant u have to have mstery gith and 4 connected players

you cant get sandshrew in fire red you can only send it from leaf green viva wireless adapter

to get mew on Pokemon fire red get a aurora ticket and some one takes you to a island on a boat and mew is their You are wrong. You need to finish the league 12 times and it will come wild in victory road. Aurora ticket takes you to deoxys.

The address of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum is: 53 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505

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