Where do you get the flute to awaken regigigus?

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you can get a flute at Music&Arts
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What is a flute?

The flute is a musical instrument in the wood wind family. Unlike other wood wind instruments, the flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge of the mouth piece.

What was the Great Awakening?

The second after the First Great Awakening in the New Englandterritory. It was the spread the religions from the easternterritory to the newly claimed western territory by theevangelists. It encouraged the citizens to focus in religion ratherthan in their useless business. The Second Great Awakening ( Full Answer )

What is the Great awakening?

The Great Awakening was primarily a period of economic prosperity brought about by colonial trade. it happened in the 1730's and the 1740's!

How do you awaken Kyogre?

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS TRY IT/// ONLY FOR SAPPHIRE SUCKAS! HOW TO GET 100 KYOGRES! start new game and beat all the gyms except for Wallace. go to sootopolice city and dive right outside the underwater cave. go right and in the coral there is a big pearl. take it and get a zigzagoon give it to him. g ( Full Answer )

Where do you awaken Kyogre?

In sapphire, you use your blue prb in the cave of origin. In Heart Gold, you use the blue orb you got from professor Pokemon to awaken kyogre Answer at the cave of origin in sotopolis city before you beat the gym leader

How do you get the flute?

First off if you play poke-man your a nerd so i don't have the answer /You go to the volcano city place and go east. Keep going until you see a house with a old man outside. Go in and the man will tell u how many steps u need 2 take in the volcanic ash in order 2 get the flute(s)-BJ Nope, sorry w ( Full Answer )

What is Youth Awakening?

Answer . Youth Awakening is supposedly when a child reaches a certain age(usually around when they are 2 years old) they forget everything that had happened to them before. However this theory has not been proved. And the movie Baby Geniuses is mainly about Youth Awakening. And it's very funny ( Full Answer )

What did the great awakening do?

It helped bring people together, which lead to greater religion, or acceptance of religious differences.

About the flute?

the flute is a metal instrment and veary hard to platy !! /It is quite long. An easier version of the piccolo, easy when you get the hang of it. It belongs in the woodwind family and used to be made of wood. But now most parts are of metal.-BJ

What is spring awakening?

Spring Awakening is a Tony Award winning rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and book and lyrics by Steven Sater. It made it's Broadway debut on December 10th, 2006 and before that it enjoyed a successful run Off Broadway with the Atlantic Theatre Company. Set in 1890's Germany, it concerns teen ( Full Answer )

What is Buddhist Awakening?

Buddhist Awakening is another name for Enlightenment. This is a state of complete peace and realisation. All Buddhists seek to reach this as it will enable them to reach Nirvana (the Buddhist equivalent of heaven). This would end the constant cycle of reincarnation.

How do you get regigigus?

Go to snowpoint temple after defeating the Elite Four and have National Dex, with Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. Then go and fint the statue of Regigigus and touch it. Regigigus will awake!!!

How do you get regigigus on Pokemon Emerald?

You spell it regigigas, not regigigus. You canot get him in Pokemon Emerald because Regigigas is a 4th generation Pokemon, and Pokemon Emerald is a 3rd generation game.. If you have diamond or pearl, you can get regigigas

How do you find regigigus in Pokemon diamond?

Get the three golems (Registeel, Regice, Regirock, then go into the Snowpoint Temple (you must have the National Pokedex) and talk to Regigigas. The golems must be in your party.

Where was the great awakening?

The First Great Awakening is more of a global religious movement that hit all of America, the Atlantic world, and other continents.

Why was there a great awakening?

The great awakening occurred because there was a revivalist outpouring with roots in Europe and America. colonist basically witnessed breakthroughs in religious toleration and controversies within the ministry.

How do you get awakened Hinata?

in NUN2 get hinata to fight Neji; make her win; go to hinata's father {he is on the outskirts of the stadium}== tell him how the fight went and Wola you have Awakened Hinata

What rhymes with awaken?

Bacon, taken, waken, shaken, forsaken, Jamaican, mistaken, unshaken, reawaken, side of bacon, Canadian bacon. mistaken, kraken, bakin' (not quite, but it's something), shaken.

Why am I awaken at 3am?

There are many reasons why you are up now. Maybe you did have to muc coffee, you ate to much before you went to bed or you have a sleeping problem. If this happens only now and then I wouldn´t think to much about it. If it´s more often you should go and see a doc.

Where is A on a flute?

To play A on the flute your first two fingers and thumb on your left hand should be down and you pinky should be down on your left hand.

What rhymes with awakened?

"Reawakened" is about the only true rhyme you will find for"awakened," if you are looking for full rhyme . But if lessthan perfect rhyme will do, there are tons of imperfectlyrhyming words. These slant rhymes are approximaterhyme s for sure, but plenty close enough for poetry. Some near rh ( Full Answer )

What is the action replay code to catch regigigus in Pokemon pearl version only pearl?

there is a code i can give you for ar for regigigus but not to catch him just to get him make sure you have a Pokemon in your first slot that you don't want 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC 00000001 ACEC0000 9614DE67 FD0D4124 3D092379 1870E1B5 398DED80 BE ( Full Answer )

How do you get regigigus on Pokemon pearl?

catch regiice registeel and regirock in ruby or Sapphire then migrate them and go to snow point temple and talk to the statue in the basement it will come to life if you have the other regis in your party its a level 70 be prepared

What is after the awakening by Armstrong?

In The Darkest Powers series by Kelly Armstrong, the book that comes after The Awakening is The Reckoning. It will be coming out April 6, 2010.

How do you awaken kundalini?

All forms of yoga are designed to do so, although as a collateral effect. Kundalini yoga, based on intensive exercises and meditation on chakras, may expose you to some risks if not done correctly. This would be specially true in the absence of a yoga instructor. A more multidisciplinary yoga, ( Full Answer )

What moves can regigigus learn?

1.go to psypokes.com. 2.press psydex 3.write or look for reigigus 4. press "level up moves" button. =)

Is awakening a verb?

No. Awakening is a noun and adjective. Awaken or awake would be a verb. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand, etc ) or occurrence ( happen, become, etc ). A noun is a word that is used to describe a person ( man, lady, teacher, etc ), pl ( Full Answer )

How do you awaken raquaza?

you defeat the league (and champion) swim from route 130 to 134 there will be a tower along the way (along the top border) be prepard he is tough i would use master ball and any ledgends with lots of max potions good luck

What is the awakening about?

The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, is about Edna Pontillier, a women who attempts to free herself from a society she does not belong to. She falls in love with a young Creole Robert Lebrun and abandons all concern for her husband and two children. She starts painting, moves out of the house, and has an ( Full Answer )

How long is The Awakening?

The Awakening by Kate Chopin is a longer short story included in many textbooks. Depending on the edition, the story ranges from 90-150 pages. The Brandywine Studios edition is 92 pages long.

When was the Awakening written?

The Awakening by Kate Chopin was published in 1899. During this time period, women were considered property in America. Therefore, the book involves Edna's struggle to gain her own identity in a restrictive society.

How do you awaken your computer?

JUst press the "on" button: Even if your PC is in hibernate, it will still switch on. In case you are talking about makin your computer awaken and actually make it think and talk, I can't help....

The novel the Awakening?

WikiAnswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We will help you learn how to write a good paragraph. Write sentences the way you speak. Pretend you are telling this to a friend and write down wh ( Full Answer )

Who is on the cover of awakened?

It's Rephaim (as he saw himself in the fountain at the end of BURNED). The Red tattoo probably expresses the bond with Stevie Ray

Were do you do after awakening groudon?

You go to Sotopolis and into the Cave of Orgin (The top left side of the city). There you will have to fight Groudon and you will have to either catch it (Preferable) or just knock it out. Then you can fight the 8th gym leader.

How do you get regigigus on platinum without trading?

you cant you have to trade it and if you want to catch the other regis you have to regigigus in your party and then for regice go to end of mt coronet for registeel you go to cave of origin and take your mothers exit find the rest of the way yourself and for regirock you go to route 229 thats all i ( Full Answer )

Is awakening a noun?

Yes, the word 'awakening' is a gerund , the presentparticiple of the verb 'to awaken' that functions as a nounin a sentence. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective . Example uses: My awakening to the complexities of language camefrom working on Answers.com. (noun, ( Full Answer )

How do you awaken on elsword?

If you see one to three red beads or circles on the northwest part of your screen press control.

Is awaken an adverb?

No. Awaken is a verb. There is a very rarely used adverb "awakeningly" generally used to mean having a waking or enlightening effect.

How do you get awakened?

Enlightenment, which is a state in which we see all things clearly, just as they are, without judgments and preconceptions, and where suffering ends can be attained by following what the Buddha described as the Eightfold Path. It is a path between the extremes of sensual pleasure and asceticism. The ( Full Answer )

Is awakening an adjective?

It can be (e.g. an awakening middle class, an awakening culture).Awakening is the present participle of the verb "to awaken" (towake up, to stop sleeping, metaphorically to become aware), and isalso used as a noun ( the Great Awakening ).

What was the Arab awakening?

There are two different and very distinct events called the "ArabAwakening", so it should be clarified what you are talking about. The Arab Awakening of 1917, also called the Arab Revolt, was apolitical and military action by the Bedouin Arabs of Nejd andtheir allies within the Ottoman provinces of ( Full Answer )