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you go to Giza and wear the mask and the will give you a shovel

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Q: Where do you get the shovel to dig up the green gem?
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How do you get a golden shovel on animal crossing wild world?

For this you need two shovels. Using one shovel, dig a hole. Then plant the other sovel in to the hole. Wait 24 hours then dig it up. You should dig up a golden shovel! :)

What does a shovel symbolize?

a shovel symbolizes something you can dig things up with and something beery

How do you get the gem in kaya forests on poptropica?

First you go to Giza to get the shovel, then you make sure you went to Blue Nile Falls and got the fig. Then you feed the turtle the fig. You will notice there is a place that looks as if someone buried something there. You then take you shovel, and dig that up. the 2 ghosts come and you have to find what they are looking for, but the reward is a gem.

How do people dig up coal?

Using a shovel and a sifter?

How do you dig up worms in your backyard?

Find a good spot of dirt and take a shovel and dig!

How do you get golden tools?

Golden shovel- bury your shovel, buy a new one, then dig it up in 24hours.

How do you use the shovel on Animal Crossing?

What you do is you drag it on to your character and press the a button to dig or tap a spot to dig up.

What do Paleontologists use to dig up Dinosaur Bones?

A shovel and this pointy thing.

Where do you use the shovel on nabooti island?

You need the shovel at the Kaya Forests to dig up the Ebony Elephant, an artifact that you can swap at Nabooti for the missing "fingo". Returning the fingo to the Kaya Spirits gets you the green jewel. (see related question)

In Animal Crossing Wild World how do you get a golden shovel?

to get the golden shovel, you must have two regular shovels. bury one shovel with the other, and dig it up at least 24 hours later, and it will be a golden shovel. if you dig it up sooner thatt 24 hours, it won't work and you'll have to start over.

How do you get a shovel on Skullduggery Island?

Once you have defeated Captain Crawfish, the Governor will give you the location of the Buried Treasure, and a bone shovel to dig it up.

How do you get a shovel in harvest moon magical melody?