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Where do you go for a fertility test and what does it involve?


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There are several different fertility tests you can do such as testing with a sonogram to make sure you dont have fibroids, cysts or endometreosis or testing to see if your fallopian tubes are block which they inject dye into your system to make sure no blockages are current. It is also a good idea to have your significant other get his sperm tested for motility ect... its not always the woman.


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you should go to a fertility doctor or an obstetrician to ask for a fertility test.

No, a fertility test tells you if you are capable of conception or when your best time to conceive is. A pregnancy test tells if the pregnancy hormone is present in your urine.

go to a fertility doctor or have a 'sperm count' test done.

Usually. You have to go to your doctor though and he/she can give you that information.

There's no special test kit to determine male fertility but you can undergo a thorough test at some of the fertility centers. The dysfunction of the male reproductive system leads to infertility in 40% of the cases. There's also the SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) test which can determine the abnormalities in the DNA structure of the sperm.

you have to take a fertility test you can get one at Cvs.riteAid. or safeway they costy tho lik 20-24$ or you can qo to your doctor and ask them to take a fertility test

Here are some sentences.They went to a fertility clinic.They had fertility problems.

No. Fertility tests are made to detect FSH not hCG. You will need to buy an actual home pregnancy test or see your Dr.

97% urine test accuracy JOYmaker rn

There is no way to know for sure unless you get a fertility test.

The fertility rate starts to decline dramatically at the age of roughly 35.

You have to go to a doctor to do that.

Take a fertility test to be on the safe side, or see you GP/doctor. :)

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There isn't an easy test. You have to see a doctor and they do laboratory tests to determine fertility. There are home tests to see when you have ovulated, but in order to determine if you are actually able to bear children, you need a specialist.

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Yes, but you need to go to a doctor who handles fertility problems. at what age is the limit for fertility treatment

You have to go to your rewards then click fertility treatment. Hope this helps

To receive fertility treatments, one should go to their family doctor who would refer them to a clinic in their area. Some hospitals will offer fertility treatments as well.

the measurement of sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate.

A couple goes to a fertility clinic when they are facing problems with conceiving a child. Inorder to determine if the couple are fertile or not, the fertility clinic will perform a series of tests to determine if they can conceive or not.

FSH is short for "Follicle Stimulating Hormone." It is a blood test for woman to test the hormone that causes the egg follicles to grow, and is a major indicator of fertility.

Many of the initial tests involve screening your blood to determine hormone levels, whether or not you have an STD, etc. You would also be asked to fill out questionnaires to determine if some kind of injury has caused the fertility problem.

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