Where do you go to use the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

Using the Mystic Ticket

listen when i say this.THE MYSTIC TICKET IS A MYTH FOR ALL POKEMON GAMES.PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT THIS LIKE I'M TRYING TO KEEP UR HOPES DOWN,but it isn't real. it has been proven. so next time someone asks you "how do you get the mystic ticket?" tell them that it is a question worthless to ask.

this is what i heard to do with the mystic ticket[i got it of the official Pokemon site: go to a PC center. go upstairs and go to the first counter. there should be a guy in a green hat next 2 the lady. talk to him and he will give you the mystic ticket. after you have it, go to vermillion and go to the guy by the boat. he will take you to the place you go to with the mystic ticket.


the real way is to go to a Nintendo event and there is a machine (its real!) u walk up to it with the wireless adapter and it transmits a code

voila u have the ticket!!!!


Go to a Nintendo special event where they have a wonder machine. You must have unlocked the Mystery Gift by going to a Pokemart and putting in the questionaire "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Start up the game with the Wireless Adapter attached. When the load screen comes up, there should be an option labelled 'Mystery Gift'. Go to that, go to wonder gift, and go to Wireless Communication. If you're close to the machine, you will get something from it. After this, go into your game, and go to a Pokemon center. Go upstairs and there should be a guy in a green hat. Talk to him, and he will give you the Mystic Ticket. Go to Vermilion City, and go to the docks where the S.S. Anne was. Talk to the guy who you showed the original ticket to, and he will let you go to the Navel Island.