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When you go to there should be a blue box on the left for you to be able to login. If you have not created a username or password you cannot login.

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Q: Where do you login in WikiAnswers?
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Why do you need to sign in to WikiAnswers?

You don't have to login it is not mandatory.

You are not able to login?

Email and ask them for help.

Will Login With Youtube Be available On WikiAnswers?

I dont think so

Why I cannot login to WikiAnswers?

You probably forgot your username/password, and typed it in wrong.

Why can't I login to WikiAnswers anymore?

If you are having technical problems with your WikiAnswers account, e-mail the Support Team at WikiAnswers @ (remove the spaces) or you can use the form in the link below.

What is bandits login details on binweevils?

You may not post personal information, usernames, or passwords on WikiAnswers.

How do you become a WikiAnswers editor?

Anyone can edit WikiAnswers Q&A. Simply login and click "improve answer" (or other editing links) on any question page. You might also want to become a WikiAnswers Supervisor. See the link to the left.

Why cant you log on to being a member of wikianswers?

You have to activate your account before you login. Which should've came with your activation email.

How do you login to Answers without Facebook?

There is no way to sign up for WikiAnswers without using Facebook. All users who wish to make a WikiAnswers account must sign up using a Facebook account.

Explain the usual login process?

The usual login process of an already-registered user starts with accessing the internet and going to the WikiAnswers home page. Then, they look to the left, where they are already signed in and use the 'Remember Me' feature, or they click the 'Sign in' button, and have their password remembered on their computer. They may also enter their username and password every time they go to WikiAnswers.

Why can't you login to WikiAnswers with Twitter anymore?

Wiki Answers Or Answers may have lost a deal with Twitter? Or it may be your computer browser.

How do you get your WikiAnswers screenname and password sent to your email address if you forget it?

You click the link: "Lost your password?", just beneath the place you login.

Can anyone answer questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes. Even without a membership login, one can answer questions. Anonymous users are tracked by ISN to prevent abuse.

Why must you have your cookies enabled to use WikiAnswers?

The MediaWiki software that runs this site uses a cookie to save your login information; this allows you to be able to return to the site and stay logged in. If you disable your cookies, you cannot sign into your WikiAnswers account. It is just the way WikiAnswers works. Note that not all cookies are security issues.

What do you do if you have forgotten your WikiAnswers user name?

In the left login pod click "Lost password?" and enter your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with your username and password.

Why is your password not stored automatically on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers uses browser cookies to store passwords of its users on their own computer so that they do not have to login every time they visit the site. Ensure that your browser's security/privacy settings are set to allow cookies, or add to your browser's whitelist.

Where is the toolbox on WikiAnswers?

When we say "toolbox" we refer to the blue box in the left-column of all pages. When you're not signed in, this box invites you to login. Once you're signed in, tools appear.

How can you confirm whether or not you are a member of WikiAnswers?

You can check to see if your user name is in use by going to '' (No quotes, and XXX being the username. Usernames can have spaces.)You can get your login credentials by clicking the 'Lost password?' link below the password box. Enter your email address, and you should get an email with login information.

Should a user that is blocked on Wikianswers be blocked from all Wiki sites?

No, when you are blocked from Wiki.Answers.Com, you are blocked from that one website, not every single website, only if you then login with the blocked account on the other Wiki Website.

I am trying to access WikiAnswers login from school and it won't allow me to 'sign in' why?

It most likely won't because your school has a protected server. Sometimes schools have special servers to keep out certain types of sites.

Why does WikiAnswers want to access ones Facebook personal profile at sign up?

it needs to access your facebook to get your name and to know if you are of legal age to access the site. It will need your info to sign you up and as your login.

Are you still logged in if you restarted your computer and then came back to WikiAnswers?

Yes, you will find that you are still logged-in after you restart your computer, launched the Internet, and then loaded WikiAnswers again. In order to do so, you must have cookies enabled and not have deleted them before or after restarting your computer. You must also have "Remember Me" checked where you will enter your login information before restarting.

What wikianswers members love pie?

Well, I'm guessing a lot of them. To see some of the, login, or join and then write if you love pie or not in the Discussion page. PS. I love pie! (BIG TIME!)

How can I login on my tablet?

How can I login on my tablet

What is hsbc login Is it a login site for something?

HSBC login is a login for the HSBC bank of the United States. There is also an HSBC bank of India. They have many locations available and the login is on their web page.