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The rear wheels of a 2wd pickup seldom have much weight. The sandbags can give just a little more weight to the rear, providing a slight advantage in weight distribution. If you have a 4wd it won't help you at all.

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Would positive traction help a two wheel drive pick up truck on wet boat launches?

yes both wheels would have traction instead of one

Can you really use sandbags to help keep the water out of your house during a flood?

Yes sandbags do help but they are not 100%. some water can still leak through or run over the top.

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Why were sandbags used in Anderson shelters?

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Why do sandbags help to keep flood waters away?

When sandbags are piled up in long lengths, they fit together so tightly that flood water on the other side cannot run through. Water does soak through, but the amount is relatively small. You could say that sandbags are placed to form a dam against the flood waters.

Where can I find a place that offers training for a truck driver? can help you find one near you.

What physical factors that help people control territory?


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1999 mustang GT traction control wont turn off help?

hi there my 99 mustang gt has a traction control switch and I find a replacement any were pls help

I have a 1998 ford windstar 3.8 engine has abs braking system does my master cylinder have a traction or a non traction please help?

From what I know your abs is what has the traction control built in, your abs controls your master cylinder, so if you are having a traction control problem you are going to want to replace your abs box not your master.

Do you need to do anything if your low traction light comes on?

Go see a mechanic. They will help you.

How do people respond to a flood?

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What type of high performance brakes do I need for my truck?

Brakes will be dependent upon what type of truck you have and what you are doing with your truck. There is a website that can help will help walk you through the right selection of high performance brakes for your truck.

If traction conditions are hazardous you should?

If traction conditions are hazardous:definitely do NOT drive close to other vehiclesemergency flashers aren't mandatoryyou shouldn't drive if you can help it but if you have to then:DRIVE SLOW

When a truck is trying to pass your vehicle you can help the truck driver by?

Stay in your lane and let them pass. They don't need anyone's help.

How are sand bags commonly used by the U.S. military?

The U.S. military typically uses sandbags as a cheap and effective way to create barriers to protect civilians and their homes from threats. Sandbags are usually used because the sand acts as a protector from explosions and blasts -- the sand and its air gaps help to dissipate blasts from explosives.

What happen when esp light comes on?

This is the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) also called Traction Control. The light will come on briefly when one or more of the tires on your vehicle loose traction. It will also come on and stay on if you turn the traction control off. If the traction control is on and the light stays lit all the time, then there is a problem with the system. Seek professional help.

How do you get into a locked truck?

Hopefully it is your truck. You can call a policeman and they have the tool to help you enter your vehicle.

How does the spike in the very front of a baseball cleat help?

It gives you more traction so you will not slide.

How does it help people drive when workers spread sand over icy roads?

Increases traction.

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What can truck insurance do for you?

Truck insurance can help you pay for the damage cost if you get in accidents. If you own a truck, it is a good idea to get insurance for it in case you do get in an accident.

Drift Pontiac G6 GXP how do you drift do I use e-brake traction control on or off?

off is probably the best way to drift, tc is to help the car keep traction, this is not what you want in drift

Does a cheap pair of traction bars help performance?

Traction bars are for suped cars. It does exactly what the word is. Traction. Nothing really to do with performace engine wise. If I had a hot rod Id invest in a good pair of bars. Cheap ones might look cool but if racing they might get you to the track with out the tion!