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You usually have to take a test that will decided if you can skip, but don't be worried it freshmen year is not all that bad.

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Q: Where do you start if you want to skip freshman year in high school?
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"What grades did Mae Jemison skip"?

She skipped 7th grade, and started high school at 12, but probably right in the start of high school turned 13.

What percentage of high school students skip breakfast?

a bunch

Why do high school students like to skip school?

because it can get so boring that it puts you to sleep sometimes

When did Kobe skip collage?

In 1996 following his high school graduation, Kobe was drafted by the NBA.

Did Mae Jemison skip a grade?

Mae Jemison reached high school at the age of 12

Does blood transfer iron?

oh man, did you skip the high school??:)of course it does transfer the iron

Can you skip a grade during summer?

U can't skip a grade during summer or you can skip a grade during olny if u ask ur teacher and if u re STD 6 u can skip to go to High School

Why do high school students skip class?

High school students skip class because a class may be boring to the student, to finish homework or the course material is challenging. Plans to go out with friends and a lack of interest in the subject are additional reasons for skipping class.

How do you skip ninth grade?

Skipping a grade level is permitted by the school and school board in only very limited cases, especially in high school. If you feel that you are prepared to skip the 9th grade, you should make an appointment to meet with your school's academic advisors about the possibility.

Is it possible to go to school high every day and not get noticed?

it isn't possible because i know this one girl who didn't talk at all during her freshman year and the teacher called on her for answers called her up to the front to read her essay and based off of that i think you can if you skip class all the time

What tradition is senior skip day?

Senior skip day over the years has turned into an American tradition. All the high school seniors choose a day toward the end of the school year and they all skip school that day. The day is usually spent at a party, the beach or a park where they come and go as they please.

Can you take high school physics before high school chemistry?

Depends on your particular high school, but most high school curriculum advance first with biology, then chemistry, and then finally with physics. You should consult with your high school counselor to see if it's possible to change the order or even in certain cases, skip the course entirely.