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Where do you use the mysticticket and auroraticket on Pokemon FireRed?

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ticketsyou cant use the tickets in Pokemon FireRed you need to trade the ticket to Pokemon emerald and go to slateport city to the ship and give the ticket to the men there the mystic ticket get you to the faraway island there you get mew and aurora ticket get you to birth island there you get deoxys

you CAN get them on FireRed, but it was done in a Nintendo event like 4 years ago, so you'll have to use GameShark or Action Replay. Faraway Island (the only legitimate place in all the games to get Mew) is exlusive to Emerald but on FireRed you can use the Aurora Ticket to get to Birth Island to get Deoxys and the MysticTicket to get to Navel Rock which is where you get Ho-oh AND Lugia.

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Where do you use the mysticticket and auroraticket on Pokemon LeafGreen?

get a life stop playing Pokemon leaf green

When do you use the eon ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant eon ticket has absolutely no use in pokemon firered.

How do you use Pokemon FireRed version one codes on Pokemon FireRed version two?

use that gameshark user.

How do you use gameshark codes in Pokemon shiny gold?

Hey I Used Pokemon Firered Codes just use Pokemon firered gameshark codes

Can you get Pokemon from Pokemon firered on to Pokemon battle revaltion?

Yes, migrate your firered Pokemon to diamond, pearl or platinum then use your DS internet connection to put your firered Pokemon in battle revolution.

How do you trade Pokemon from FireRed to FireRed with out a cord?

Use wireless adapters.

How do you use the mysticticket in Pokemon emerald?

i think its for the battle frontier? either that or the ports in slatport/lilycove. soz for not being much help...

Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed version to Pokemon emerald?

After getting the Ruby and the Sapphire in Pokemon Firered and LeafGreen. But you have to use wirless adapters.

Pokemon FireRed can you really get mew in Pokemon FireRed? have to have gone to the event.personally,i use cheat codes

Can you use the Pokemon GTS on Pokemon FireRed?

No. You will need to Migrate Pokemon to diamond or pearl to use it :)

How can you move a sleeping pokemon in Pokemon Firered?

Use the pokeflute.

How you get mysticticket in emerald?

you could use the mystery gift

What is the use of unknowns in Pokemon FireRed?


Where can you use dig on Pokemon FireRed?


What Pokemon use moonstone in FireRed?


Unlock everything in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to use action replay or to get alot of Pokemon migrate from a firered and use action replay on firered to get all Pokemon except the one from diamond

Pokemon FireRed How do you use recycle?

There in no recycle in Pokemon fire red.

How do you use game glitch in Pokemon FireRed?

by going to the pokemon center

Were to use the go-goggles in Pokemon FireRed in Pokemon FireRed?

after you beat the fire gym then walk out and your rival will give it to you.

How do you use a red orb on Pokemon FireRed?

The Red Orb has no use in Firered because it doesn't exist in that game.

What pokemon can use psychc on Pokemon FireRed?

lots of pokemon can use psychic powers on firered.two of them are abra and ekans.

How do you move Snorlax in pokemon firered?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you cut a tree in Pokemon FireRed?

you use cut

How do you get rid of Snorelax in Pokemon FireRed?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you awake the sleepy Pokemon FireRed?

Use the PokeFlute

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