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All over the place. This is the worst application that has ever been created. It infiltrates every area of the os and a flood of reg keys. When I bought my Dell I specifically told them not to load any AOL on my PC. As a standard, they load it and is good for 6 months. I didn't want it at all because it is pure garbage.

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Where are some of my files? My HealthPartners files

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Q: Where does AOL store files?
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How the types of files used to store text sound pictures and video are stored in a computers memory?

the text files store in the document files the sound files store in the document files the pictures files store in the document files the video files store in the document files

How do you open a pfc file in your documents?

PFC files are "Personal Filing Cabinet" files from AOL. AOL will open them, and I think a couple of other programs will as well, but I'm not sure which ones.

How would one store files online?

It is quite easy to store your files online. There are sites that provide free service to store files such as photos. The best site to store photos on is Photobucket.

How much mail space does AOL mail offer?

AOL Mail offers unlimited space to store your emails.

Can you store data files on the new iPad?

Each app you install can allow you to store data files, such as audio, photos, videos, PDF files, text files etc. You cannot store files which are not associated with a particular app on the iPad, and files other than music and photos cannot be shared between apps.

How many files does 16GB hold?

It doesn't depend on the number of files that you want to store, it depends on the size of the files. If you have one file that is a size of 16GB then you can only store that file alone.

What kind of music files are in iTunes?

Music files downloaded from the iTunes store come in the format "Purchased AAC", and video files downloaded from the iTunes store come in the MP4 format

A container in which you store files?

a folder

How many files can you store on 1GB?

it depends on the file size, if the file is 1GB then you can story one, if they are a megabyte then you can store 1000 files, etc..

What are TMP files?

TMP or temp files are temporary Windows files used to store temporary data or be used as a backup for files that are being used.

What are banker boxes used for?

Banker boxes are used for to store files and documents. One can store important bank files such as statements in them or one can store, cash, checks or other items in them.

Where does Windows XP store compressed old files?

On the hard drive with uncompressed files.

What is the ticker symbol for AOL?

AOL will be the new ticker symbol after AOL is spun off from AOL Time Warner.

What is the market cap for AOL Inc AOL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for AOL Inc. (AOL) is $3,144,766,348.92.

Why was windows has been designed?

to store files

AOL stands for?

America on line (AOL) AOL istant messaging (aim)

What is the symbol for AOL Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for AOL Inc. in the NYSE is: AOL.

What allows the operating system to store and organize files on a hard disk?

A file system allows the operating system to store and organize files on a hard disk.

What is the purpose of a hard disk?

To store files and important data on your computer. Larger hard drives (250 gb) are used to store all the files on your computer in case it crashes or if its infected by a virus. Smaller ones are used to store and transfer files between different computers

How is a file different from a folder?

Files are created to be stored in a folder. Folders are created to store files.

What is a physical location where you store files?

Usually all the files are stored in the Hard Disk of your Computer.

Can you use word on an iPad2?

No, but Pages is on the App Store and those files can be converted into Word files.

Can i get facebook with AOL to?

can I get facebook if I get aol

What is the url for AOL?

I need the URL for my aol account.

Where can one find the AOL weather report?

AOL's older weather report is not longer available. Their new SKYE on AOL, is available on their Weather AOL website or at AOL Local as of January 2013.

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