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Manhattan, New York in an old chapel that has been turn into apartments.

hey amy lee

do you really live in manhattan new york right now

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she said in one of her vids she lives in england

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How many siblings does Amy lee have?

Amy Lee has 1 live brother and 2 live sisters. She did have 3 sisters but 1 died of an unknown illness. TRUST ME I KNOW

Where in Illinois did Amy lee live?

She doesn't live in Illinois. She lives in Manhattan.

Where does Amy lee live and how long has she lived there?

Amy Lee Currently resides in Manhattan. I haven;t found anything saying how long she has lived there.

Does Amy Lee have a baby?

No, Amy Lee did not have a baby.

What is religion of Amy lee?

Amy Lee is a Christian.

Is Amy lee satanic?

Amy lee is a christian she is not satanic

Amy lee divoced?

Amy lee was never married

Amy lee had braces?

yes Amy lee had braces

Is Amy lee a cutter?

No, Amy Lee does not cut herself.

Is Amy lee of evanescence divorced?

No, Amy Lee is not divorced.

Is Amy lee a bi?

No, Amy Lee is not bisexual. She is heterosexual.

Who is older amy Lee or robbie Lee?

Amy Lee plays in a band called Evanescence. Robbie Lee is Amy Lee's younger brother.

Did Amy Lee live a happy childhood after Bonnie's death?

Amy Lee grieved for Bonnie greatly after she died. However, she has never stated whether or not she had a happy childhood after her death or not.

Does Amy Lee take lithium?

No. Amy Lee does not take Lithium.

Is there a biography for Amy lee if so where can i buy it?

No there is not a biography for Amy lee

Does Amy Lynn Lee of Evanescence have a daughter?

No, Amy Lee does not have a daughter.

Who is married to Amy Lee?

Amy Lee is married to Josh Hartzler.

Where can I see pictures of Amy Lee from when she was younger?

Check out Amy Lee fan-sites or videos on youtube for pictures of a young Amy Lee.

Does Amy lee have any brothers?

Yes! Amy Lee has 1 brother called Robby Lee

When was Amy Lee born?

Amy Lee was born on December 13, 1981.

How tall is Amy lee?

Somewhere in the 5sANSWERAmy Lee is aproximatly 5'4

Does Amy Lee the singer have any children?

At the moment Amy Lee does not have children.

Did Amy Lee die?

No, Amy Lee did not die. She is alive and well as of 2011.

Does Amy lee have tattoos?

Amy Lee has stated herself that she does not have any tattoos.

Who is Amy lee curently dating?

Amy Lee is married to Josh Hartzler.